#WorldKidLit Wednesday: Book of Questions

Children ask a lot of questions, sometimes to their parents' chagrin. When parents ask me how to deal with their child's seemingly endless questions, I always suggest that they turn it back around on their child: "what do you think?" This buys a parent a few extra moments to gather their thoughts, while also encouraging … Continue reading #WorldKidLit Wednesday: Book of Questions

#QATARILITMONTH: Inclusion and Empowerment

The Vision of Kholoud Kholoud Abu SharidaFighting darkness with an inclusive vision: Stories of Education City’s blind students It was spring semester when I first met Kholoud Abu Sharida at the Translation and Interpretation Institute library, a young pretty Qatari lady with visual impairment. She was working on her master’s degree thesis at that time when she approached me to assist and guide her for references and online resources needs. We … Continue reading #QATARILITMONTH: Inclusion and Empowerment

#WorldKidLit Wednesday: The Best Meal Ever!

Set in Gugulethu and signalling to the persisting inequalities that define both this Apartheid-era established township and South Africa as a whole, The Best Meal Ever! by Sindiwe Magona is a heart-warming story of hope amidst trying times. Written for children ages 7-9, this picture book features beautiful watercolor illustrations by Paddy Bouma. The story … Continue reading #WorldKidLit Wednesday: The Best Meal Ever!

South African Womxn Writers – Day 5: More Books, to More Children, In More Languages – Dorette Louw of Book Dash.

Book Dash is a South African social impact, non-profit publisher of new African children’s books. Our vision is that all children should own one hundred books by the age of five.It sounds like a lot of books, but research indicates that owning many books can radically improve the chances of academic success for children living … Continue reading South African Womxn Writers – Day 5: More Books, to More Children, In More Languages – Dorette Louw of Book Dash.

#WorldKidLitWednesday: Meet Reviewer Klem-Marí Cajigas

Welcome to the #WorldKidLitWednesday reviewer team, Klem-Marí Cajigas! Klem-Marí Cajigas is no stranger to the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative blog. As guest editor for World Kid Lit Month this September, she shared her passion for books by Puerto Ricans both from the island and from the diaspora. You can read no fewer than 26 … Continue reading #WorldKidLitWednesday: Meet Reviewer Klem-Marí Cajigas

Featuring children’s books written by Nepal’s Ananta Wagle

Today, I present children's books written by Ananta Wagle. Ananta Wagle is one of the veteran children's fiction writers from Nepal. With more than fifty children's books written and over a hundred books edited, he has extensive experience in writing for early grade readers. The Hat Seller - a folk story from Nepal On a … Continue reading Featuring children’s books written by Nepal’s Ananta Wagle

World Languages Review: Alle vier Jahreszeiten by Katrin Wiehle (Germany)

This is a beautiful large-scale nonfiction board book for young children. Each double spread depicts a glorious scene set in a particular season, with individual words picked out on the page. Spring, for example, has a title reading "Im Frühling wird es draussen grün" (In Spring, outside everything turns green) and picks out words like … Continue reading World Languages Review: Alle vier Jahreszeiten by Katrin Wiehle (Germany)

Review: When It Rains by Rassi Narika

Oh no, its raining! Again.  Why does it have to rain everyday? I wanna go outside. When will it stop?If you have a young one complaining incessantly about a downpour, you’ll enjoy reading Rassi Narika’s picture book When It Rains. It follows the Dora-esque* journey of Kira and her friends through a rainy day, showing … Continue reading Review: When It Rains by Rassi Narika

#WorldKidLit Wednesday: Mister Orange

Who is Mister Orange? And why is this quiet, moving book named after him? Written by award-winning Dutch author and editor, Truus Matti, and beautifully translated by another award-winner, Laura Watkinson, Mister Orange won the Netherlands' 2012 Silver Slate Pencil Award and the American Library Associations's 2014 Mildred L. Batchelder Award. The story begins in … Continue reading #WorldKidLit Wednesday: Mister Orange

Publisher Spotlight: Bookosmia

About Bookosmia (smell of books)- At Bookosmia (https://www.bookosmia.com ), our mission is to make children to fall in love with Books.Given the challenge from the ubiquitous screen, we try to make reading experiential through engaging add ons based on the book, live events like storytelling etc About our book " I Wish I Were" I am attaching … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Bookosmia