Publisher Spotlight: Cubana Press

Cubana Press is a small non-profit press based from California State University dedicated to bringing the powerful prose and poetry of Cuba to English and Spanish speakers all across the world. Their titles include bilingual English and Spanish publications and range from poetry collections to lengthy novels, all spinning from the viewpoint of women in … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Cubana Press

Publisher Spotlight: Bookosmia

About Bookosmia (smell of books)- At Bookosmia ( ), our mission is to make children to fall in love with Books.Given the challenge from the ubiquitous screen, we try to make reading experiential through engaging add ons based on the book, live events like storytelling etc About our book " I Wish I Were" I am attaching … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Bookosmia

Publishers Spotlight: Mkuki na Nyota Publishers – by Yeshira Roseborough

Through our work we aim to encourage and develop a culture of reading in Tanzania, as well as nurturing indigenous literature as a method of preserving and sharing stories.                                                                                                           -Mkuki na Nyota Publishers During my research I stumbled upon one of the most navigable publishing sites which showcased both the original and translated books. Mkuki … Continue reading Publishers Spotlight: Mkuki na Nyota Publishers – by Yeshira Roseborough

Publisher Spotlight: Feminist Press

  Happy Pride, GLLI readers! June 1st saw the kickoff of Pride festivities around the world. In celebration, June’s “Publisher Spotlight” posts will feature publishers of LGBTQIA+ literature in translation. First up: the prize-winning activists at Feminist Press. Feminist Press, or FP, is an educational nonprofit at City University of New York (CUNY) that built … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Feminist Press

Translator Showdown: Where Manga Meets the Novel — by publisher Bruce Rutledge

May GLLI Blog Series:  Japan in Translation, No. 21  Two of Japan’s all-time best-selling writers, the late Shigeru Mizuki of Gegege no Kitaro fame and contemporary writer Haruki Murakami, have translators who live about seven miles apart from each other in the Seattle area. My company, Chin Music Press, decided to get those translators together … Continue reading Translator Showdown: Where Manga Meets the Novel — by publisher Bruce Rutledge

Publisher Spotlight: City Lights

  National Poetry Month is in full swing, and it wouldn’t be a proper celebration at Publisher’s Spotlight without recognizing the revolutionary publisher City Lights. Though the San Francisco indie continues to produce provocative fiction, children’s titles (such as Rad American Women A-Z), travel writing, essay collections, literature in translation, and radical works from many … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: City Lights

Publisher Spotlight: Mazinaate

Mazinaate, Inc., is a native-owned company that publishes native language books and other teaching materials. The books are intended for learners of all levels. Gookom's Language is a textbook of 30 lessons. It introduces the learner to the grammar step by step. It has over 100 dialogues that show idiomatic expressions and several long stories … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Mazinaate

Publisher Spotlight: Oyate

The amount of bad literature about Native peoples is disgusting. If this is surprising, read a few entries from the American Indians in Children’s Literature blog at This is because the literature is dominated by non-Natives who do not present accurate or appropriate information. These authors and publishers seem to have the notion that … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Oyate

Publisher Spotlight: Two Dollar Radio

The first thing you see when you click on Two Dollar Radio’s “Books” page is the phrase “Books too loud to ignore.” After scanning the starred reviews of their latest releases, it’s obvious that titles by the Ohio-based publisher are impossible to dismiss. Two Dollar Radio’s team has a penchant for progress: their projects are … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Two Dollar Radio

Publisher Spotlight: Drawn & Quarterly

I always turn to Drawn and Quarterly first when hunting for unique illustrated stories. Whether it’s comics from Sweden or Israel, or graphic novels from Finland or Japan, I know I’ll find something special in their forthcoming titles. This Montreal-based publisher is an award-winning producer of original and translated comics from around the world with … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Drawn & Quarterly