#QATARILITMONTH: Inclusion and Empowerment

The Vision of Kholoud

It was spring semester when I first met Kholoud Abu Sharida at the Translation and Interpretation Institute library, a young pretty Qatari lady with visual impairment. She was working on her master’s degree thesis at that time when she approached me to assist and guide her for references and online resources needs. We became friends instantly because of her lively personality. 

Kholoud, although visually impaired, but with her determination to be recognized from the society led her to develop her skills and abilities into different fields. She holds a position of Vice-President of Qatar Social Cultural Center for the Blinds (QSCCB) and an ambassador of Accessible Qatar representing the blind community. The government generously supported her throughout her journey abroad which lands her an opportunity to be exposed into different blind communities/organizations outside the region and widen her horizon to be involved in the society. Also, Qatar is an advocate of accessibility and inclusion to be part of every institution to support people with disabilities. 

With positive mindset and passion, she conquered the impossible career in animation and digital field. The desire to empower the TV and entertainment industry has fueled her ambition to have an audio transcription in films as well as guided audio transcription for museums. Her creative writing expertise comes into reality in animation as Creative Scriptwriter and productions assistant in Children TV station, a pre-school Arabic television channel.  

Qatar National Library support inclusion and accessibility to all its users through initiative such as the Blind Book Club and its Assistive technology Center

Through her inspirational talks in different workshops and collective experiences it increases awareness on accessible environment for disabled community in Qatar that conveys to support people with an array of physical and learning complexity needs towards developing life skills and attaining personal and professional goals.

Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser- Chairperson of Qatar Foundation and Mother of His Highness the Emir of Qatar meets students of AlNoor Institute for the blind

Written By:

Ellen P. Floro  

Information Services Librarian at Qatar National Library. She enjoys involvement with different programs and services for people with disabilities promoting awareness about their rights, needs and skills. Ellen also tries to work towards developing a positive mindset in society for better inclusion of people with disabilities.

#QatariLitMonth is curated by Abeer S. Al-Kuwari

Abeer works as director of Research and Learning Services at the newly established Qatar National Library (QNL). Abeer’s work focuses on engaging library researchers in the Qatari community to explore archival and libraries as memory institutions and documentary heritage.

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