Selected Japanese Picture Books — by Andrew Wong

May GLLI Blog Series:  Japan in Translation, No. 18 Picture books anyone? I confess, I don’t remember reading many picture books in my childhood. I recall keeping a prized collection of The Adventures of Tintin and The Adventures of Asterix (eventually given away), but not many other kinds of stories told in pictures. Having missed out of … Continue reading Selected Japanese Picture Books — by Andrew Wong

International Publisher Spotlight: Rubinstein (The Netherlands)

From the Rubinstein website: For over 30 years Rubinstein has been working with love and attention, expertise and craftsmanship on beautiful, often book related products. Rubinstein was founded in 1985 by Maurits Rubinstein as a publisher of audiobooks. A large number of audiobooks and music productions are still recorded and mastered in our own studio … Continue reading International Publisher Spotlight: Rubinstein (The Netherlands)

Choctaw Culture Graces Every Page of Picture Book About an Artist in the Making

      When you know that every day some 86,000 people go online to study the Choctaw language, it makes it a little easier to understand why one of the best things about Sherri Maret’s new picture book The Cloud Artist may be that it can be read in both English and Choctaw. In … Continue reading Choctaw Culture Graces Every Page of Picture Book About an Artist in the Making

Publisher Spotlight: Archipelago Books

Archipelago Books is a not-for-profit press devoted to publishing excellent translations of classic and contemporary world literature. In our first twelve years, we have brought out over 120 books from more than thirty languages. Artistic exchange between cultures is a crucial aspect of global understanding: literature can act as a catalyst to dissolve stereotypes and to reveal a common … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Archipelago Books