#WorldKidLit Wednesday: Wanda

In two days, South Africa will observe Heritage Day, an annual reminder of the diversity of our people beyond our 11 official languages and ethnic groups. On this public holiday, people are encouraged to take pride in their roots and celebrate their ethnocultural heritage. In Wanda, a picture book for ages 4-8 by Sihle Nontshokweni … Continue reading #WorldKidLit Wednesday: Wanda

Day 25: 🇨🇫 The Magic Doll

In a Nutshell: I learnt about this book, thanks to Millie Margretta. The book is beautifully illustrated with a great story. The book is narrated by a young girl, Adjoa about her mother’s desire to be pregnant and her journey towards pregnancy and birth, through the support of her husband and her Akua’ba doll. Themes: … Continue reading Day 25: 🇨🇫 The Magic Doll

Day 21: 🇨🇮 Akissi: Tales of Mischief

The world of Akissi, beautifully illustrated by M. Sapin. Observations: My lovely friend, Louise introduced me to the wonderful world of graphic novels, specifically in French. We met when we both lived in Chile, she is from Paris and I am from London, but Spanish is our common language. Each time she visited me in … Continue reading Day 21: 🇨🇮 Akissi: Tales of Mischief

#WorldKidLit Wednesday: B is for Baby

What happens when Baby discovers a big basket of bright yellow bananas? She eats them for breakfast, of course, and accidentally begins a bumpy adventure on Brother's bicycle. The beats in his headphones keep him from noticing his baby sister in the back as he rides through the busy village. Brother and Baby pass by … Continue reading #WorldKidLit Wednesday: B is for Baby

Day 10: 🇷🇼 Not my Time to Die

In a Nutshell: This was the first book to follow the full story of one person’s multifaceted experiences of genocide and it was also the first account authored by a Rwandan survivor. Yolande Mukagasana was a nurse before being hunted down, her husband and children were murdered but she survived. Observations: I read this book … Continue reading Day 10: 🇷🇼 Not my Time to Die

Day 9: 🇲🇦 Sex and Lies

I first read this in French so the quotes below are in French, I have also included the quotes from the translation.  In a Nutshell: Sexe et Mensonges (Sex and Lies) is about what it is to be a woman in Morocco today, this isn’t an academic study, but a series of interviews with mostly … Continue reading Day 9: 🇲🇦 Sex and Lies

Day 2: 🇩🇿 Our Riches/A Bookshop in Algiers

A lot of my reading is accompanied by a snack or a good coffee. My edition of this book is called Our Riches but a new edition was released in May called A Bookshop in Algiers. In a Nutshell: Adimi was born in 1986, the same year as me! She was born in Algiers but … Continue reading Day 2: 🇩🇿 Our Riches/A Bookshop in Algiers

Day 1: 🇸🇳 So Long a Letter

So Long a Letter was the first book in my project. It came highly recommended by a friend. And what a delectable treat this 95 page novella was. In a Nutshell: So long a Letter (Une Si Longue Lettre) was published in 1979, the edition I read was published in 2008, this edition featured in … Continue reading Day 1: 🇸🇳 So Long a Letter

Introducing our #WITMonth guest editor, Jess Andoh-Thayre

Introducing our #WITMonth guest editor, Jess Andoh-Thayre My name is Jess Andoh-Thayre, 35, from London but currently living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  I am a French, Spanish and English teacher, translator, avid reader and now blogger. I am really excited about this year's #WITMonth, although this year I won't be able to read as much as normal … Continue reading Introducing our #WITMonth guest editor, Jess Andoh-Thayre

#WorldKidLit Wednesday: The Black Pimpernel: Nelson Mandela on the Run

A belated happy birthday, President Rolihlala "Nelson" Mandela! Pushkin Press has commemorated his life by publishing The Black Pimpernel: Nelson Mandela on the Run, a chapter book by Zukiswa Wanner with captivating black and white, comic book style illustrations by Amerigo Pinelli. This is the latest installment of the publisher's True Adventures series of historical … Continue reading #WorldKidLit Wednesday: The Black Pimpernel: Nelson Mandela on the Run