Polish Speculative Fiction in Translation

If someone mentions Polish speculative fiction in translation (SFT), you might immediately think about the prolific and much-translated Stanislaw Lem, or perhaps the fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski, whose Witcher series started off as a single short story and expanded into a wildly-popular series and then a comic, a film, and a video game. And yet, … Continue reading Polish Speculative Fiction in Translation

Title Pick: Wicked Weeds by Pedro Cabiya

A Caribbean zombie, smart, gentlemanly, financially independent and a top executive in an important pharmaceutical company, becomes obsessed with finding the formula that would reverse his condition and allow him to become “a real person.” In the process, three of his closest collaborators (cerebral and calculating Isadore, wide-eyed and sentimental Mathilde, and rambunctious Patricia), guide … Continue reading Title Pick: Wicked Weeds by Pedro Cabiya

Title Pick: Isra Isle by Nava Semel

This novel is inspired by a true historical event. Before Theodore Herzl there was Mordecai Manuel Noah, an American journalist, diplomat, playwright, and visionary. In September 1825 he bought Grand Island, downriver from Niagara Falls, from the local Native Americans as a place of refuge for the Jewish people and called it “Ararat.” But no … Continue reading Title Pick: Isra Isle by Nava Semel

Hebrew Speculative Fiction in Translation

We may not have a ton of Hebrew speculative fiction in English translation (SFT) (or Hebrew sf at all), but what we do have shows the diverse and highly-imaginative ways in which Hebrew-language writers explore the complexities of ethnicity, religion, and the State of Israel. From horrifying dystopias to meditations on mysticism and fantasy literature, … Continue reading Hebrew Speculative Fiction in Translation

Publisher Spotlight: Kurodahan Press

In mid-2002, a group of language professionals living in Japan began to discuss the need for a new kind of publisher—one that could serve readers in English and Japanese, with titles meant for both general and specialist markets. Reflecting the skills and interests of its founding directors, Kurodahan Press first offered books relating to Japan, … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Kurodahan Press

Publisher Spotlight: Restless Books

One of the most exciting and avant garde publishers in the international literature in translation space is Restless Books. Whether your adult readers enjoy South American science fiction or Icelandic meditative fiction or Austrian author memoirs, there is a little something for everyone in Restless's catalog. From the Restless website: Restless Books is an independent … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Restless Books

Super Extra Grande by Yoss

Super Extra Grande by Yoss Translated from the Spanish (Cuba) by David Frye Restless Books, 2016 ISBN 1632060566   Excerpt: In 2054, Father Salvador González formulates the Tunnel Macroeffect Theorem, and Ecuador confounds the world in sending a satellite to Mars in minutes. Soon after, a politically and racially divided humankind, unready for such a leap, … Continue reading Super Extra Grande by Yoss

Spanish Speculative Fiction in Translation

Rachel Cordasco It's been a great year for Spanish speculative fiction in translation. From short-story collections to hefty novels, and from Spain to the Dominican Republic, Spanish SFT offers us a gateway into the cultures and traditions of Spanish-speaking writers who wrestle with questions of consciousness, alien life, space travel, and many others. Below is … Continue reading Spanish Speculative Fiction in Translation