Publisher Spotlight: Bookosmia

About Bookosmia (smell of books)-

At Bookosmia ( ), our mission is to make children to fall in love with Books.Given the challenge from the ubiquitous screen, we try to make reading experiential through engaging add ons based on the book, live events like storytelling etc

About our book ” I Wish I Were”
I am attaching a soft copy of our book for your reference. As I mentioned, this book is a retelling of an old Indian folklore, which we think is extremely relevant in today’s world
  • Main message- You are OK! Its fine to feel inadequate at times. We all want to be someone else- thinner, fairer, richer, smarter… But no one is perfect and there is great joy in finding satisfaction. The story is in conversation with a crow -often ridiculed for his looks and voice, but comes a full circle.
  • Look and feel -Large, colourful illustrations  with a rich Indian feel which are perfect for little babies (0-3 years). The story becomes meaningful to kids 4-8 years given its relatability
  • Experiential- The book comes with option to personalize for a child, with engaging add ons, like a jigsaw and colouring book based on the story and a beautiful keepsake box
  • Extra highlight- The book can be customized and hence has the power to reach segments of the society not traditionally served eg Single Parents

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