World Back-to-School Books

In many parts of the world, the summer holidays are over. September marks the beginning of a new term and the first day of primary school for a whole intake of young children. It can be a daunting and exciting time for new pupils. And for their parents and caregivers too! Books can be a … Continue reading World Back-to-School Books

Publisher Spotlight: Chin Music Press

Bruce Rutledge and Yuko Enomoto founded Chin Music Press in 2002 while living in Tokyo. At the time, media conglomerates were swallowing up publishing companies, greatly reducing the opportunities for risky books to get into print. The time was ripe for small presses to fill the gap, especially with contemporary and edgy literature from Japan. … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Chin Music Press

USBBY Outstanding International Book Pick: Night Guard by Synne Lea

Friendship, fear, loneliness — these are things that are universally experienced but difficult to describe. In this arresting poetry collection, Synne Lea explores these concepts and more through the thoughts and experiences of a family. As the family members examine their connections with each other and the world around them, they gain a deeper appreciation … Continue reading USBBY Outstanding International Book Pick: Night Guard by Synne Lea

Publisher Spotlight: New York Review of Books

The New York Review of Books has been long known as a strong advocate for international literature in translation, both for adults and children. For a little something for everyone - ranging from adult novels to classic children's books to teen graphic novels - check out NYRB's rich catalog. New York Review Books The NYRB Classics series is … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: New York Review of Books

Book Review: ARE YOU AN ECHO?

  by Jenny Zbrizher Are You An Echo? by David Jacobson, Misuzu Kaneko; translated from the Japanese by Sally Ito, Michiko Tsuboi; illustrated by Toshikado Hajiri; Chin Music Press, Sept. 2016 Part picture book biography and part translated poetry anthology, this unique children's book is the product of a translational collaboration between an American author, two … Continue reading Book Review: ARE YOU AN ECHO?