Publisher Spotlight: Chin Music Press

Bruce Rutledge and Yuko Enomoto founded Chin Music Press in 2002 while living in Tokyo. At the time, media conglomerates were swallowing up publishing companies, greatly reducing the opportunities for risky books to get into print. The time was ripe for small presses to fill the gap, especially with contemporary and edgy literature from Japan. … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Chin Music Press

Publisher Spotlight: Hoopoe

Hoopoe is a new imprint for engaged, open-minded readers hungry for outstanding fiction that challenges headlines, re-imagines histories, and celebrates original storytelling. We’re seeking fresh writing from Marrakesh to Baghdad and Khartoum to Aleppo for adventurous readers everywhere. From historical epics, social satire, police procedurals and stories of the future Middle East: we will publish … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Hoopoe

Publisher Spotlight: Orenda Books

Orenda Books is a British-based publishing house that publishes literary and crime fiction. The London-based publisher was established in 2014 and publishes debut and existing authors including Ragnar Jónasson, Thomas Enger, Michael Grothaus, Gunnar Staalesen, and Kati Hiekkapelto. In its first year of operations Orenda published six titles, increasing that to sixteen titles in its … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Orenda Books

Contemporary Turkish Women Writers Available in English Translation

Turkish literature is a rich, creative, wonderful treasure trove that is well worth exploring. I am delighted to have this opportunity to share works by extraordinary contemporary Turkish women authors whose works have been translated into English. If Turkish literature as a whole remains underrepresented in the global literary arena, Turkish women poets and writers … Continue reading Contemporary Turkish Women Writers Available in English Translation

Review: The Three Old Ladies’ Tea by Friedrich Glauser

The Three Old Ladies’ Tea opens with a young man appearing at a tram stop in the middle of the night, where he begins undressing before collapsing into a coma-like state, all while a policeman looks on uncomprehendingly. And in these opening paragraphs, we find the template by which Friedrich Glauser will continue to draw … Continue reading Review: The Three Old Ladies’ Tea by Friedrich Glauser

Excerpt: The Monk with No Past by Paolo Marrone

THE JOURNEY “Travel is a sort of door through which one exits reality into an unexplored world that seems like a dream.” - Guy de Maupassant I had dreamt of visiting New York for years. I have always loved travelling and on earlier trips across the Atlantic I’d visited a number of cities, such as … Continue reading Excerpt: The Monk with No Past by Paolo Marrone

Publisher Spotlight: Kurodahan Press

In mid-2002, a group of language professionals living in Japan began to discuss the need for a new kind of publisher—one that could serve readers in English and Japanese, with titles meant for both general and specialist markets. Reflecting the skills and interests of its founding directors, Kurodahan Press first offered books relating to Japan, … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Kurodahan Press

Publisher Spotlight: Open Letter Books

Open Letter—the University of Rochester's nonprofit, literary translation press—is one of only a handful of publishing houses dedicated to increasing access to world literature for English readers. Publishing ten titles in translation each year and running an online literary website called Three Percent, Open Letter searches for works that are extraordinary and influential, works that … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Open Letter Books

Excerpt: The Lustful Youth of Rodrigo Borgia by Elena and Michela Martignoni

1474 I do not appear to be a man of God. My attire—hunting boots, a tunic and heavy belt—does not announce my position within the church and on horseback I resemble a warrior still in his prime. Neither does my face carry the saintly countenance of my uncle, Pope Callixtus III. Indeed, nothing about me … Continue reading Excerpt: The Lustful Youth of Rodrigo Borgia by Elena and Michela Martignoni

Excerpt: Silent Shadows by Sanz Irles

Darkness engulfed the mountain plateau and Aníbal Coloma’s restless sleep. In the bleak and hostile night, terror materialized as two distant points of light. A pair of tired but vigilant eyes caught them as they suddenly appeared, little more than pinpricks, emerging faintly in the dark. The moment he spies them, he tenses and stands … Continue reading Excerpt: Silent Shadows by Sanz Irles