Title Pick: Maidenhair by Mikhail Shiskin

Day after day the Russian asylum-seekers sit across from the interpreter and Peter—the Swiss officers who guard the gates to paradise—and tell of the atrocities they’ve suffered, or that they’ve invented, or heard from someone else. These stories of escape, war, and violence intermingle with the interpreter’s own reading: a his­tory of an ancient Persian … Continue reading Title Pick: Maidenhair by Mikhail Shiskin

Publisher Spotlight: New York Review of Books

The New York Review of Books has been long known as a strong advocate for international literature in translation, both for adults and children. For a little something for everyone - ranging from adult novels to classic children's books to teen graphic novels - check out NYRB's rich catalog. New York Review Books The NYRB Classics series is … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: New York Review of Books

Publisher Spotlight: Glagoslav Publishing

Glagoslav Publications is an independent British-Dutch press specializing in the publication and worldwide distribution of English translations of fiction and non-fiction titles by Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish, Serbian, Turkmen, Armenian and Azerbaijan authors. Expertise in Slavic and European languages and literatures, extensive experience in international publishing, and a deep appreciation of the histories and cultures … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Glagoslav Publishing

Publisher Spotlight: Restless Books

One of the most exciting and avant garde publishers in the international literature in translation space is Restless Books. Whether your adult readers enjoy South American science fiction or Icelandic meditative fiction or Austrian author memoirs, there is a little something for everyone in Restless's catalog. From the Restless website: Restless Books is an independent … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Restless Books

Book Excerpt: Fardwor, Russia! by Oleg Kashin

Close to Zero visits a rural “assisted living facility” that may or may not be housing subjects of a sinister government experiment. The security guard at the assisted living facility’s checkpoint, obviously not a local but someone who had been sent by the same program that had arrived with the document from Onishchenko regarding the … Continue reading Book Excerpt: Fardwor, Russia! by Oleg Kashin

Publisher Spotlight: Comma Press

Despite the fact that English translations are being published around the world, the barriers to awareness of what is going on outside of one's national boundaries are substantial. Distribution and review access are just two of the major factors involved in stifling the flow of information. In the interest of helping librarians and others to … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Comma Press

Book Excerpt: She Was Singing (story) by Danielle Picard

The short ceremony was coming to an end.   The young woman felt she was beyond tears, a hard block of insensitivity.  A small crowd had accompanied her mother towards nothingness, close family, friends, strangers, some of whom came to introduce themselves:  colleagues of the dead woman, members of associations to which her mother belonged, an … Continue reading Book Excerpt: She Was Singing (story) by Danielle Picard

Title Pick: Baho! by Roland Rugero

In Baho!, the first Burundian novel ever translated into English, the 28-year-old Roland Rugero uses elements of fable and oral tradition to explore the themes of miscommunication and justice in his war-torn Central African nation. When Nyamuragi, an adolescent mute, attempts to ask a young woman in rural Burundi for directions to an appropriate place … Continue reading Title Pick: Baho! by Roland Rugero

Publisher Spotlight: Le French Book

Since it is French literature month on our blog, it only seems fitting to highlight one of the great presses out there working specifically in the French translation sphere. In this case, Le French Book. If you not only love noir and crime fiction, but also feel inspired to support female-founded and -run presses, please spend … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Le French Book

The Batchelder Award and A Time of Miracles

In keeping with this month’s France theme, I would like to spotlight A Time of Miracles, an upper middle-grade, younger-YA novel translated from French that captured my heart.  But first, here is where I found this book: the past winner list for the Mildred L. Batchelder Award, a prize given in the same series as … Continue reading The Batchelder Award and A Time of Miracles