Kabary: Traditional Malagasy Speech

Kabary is a highly stylized form of speech delivered in a loud voice in a public gathering which has been a vital part of Malagasy culture for centuries. The Malagasy word 'Kabary' comes from the Arab word 'Kabar' which means a way of thinking. It has to be accompanied by proverbs (Ohabolana) and sayings so … Continue reading Kabary: Traditional Malagasy Speech

Naivo, the first Malagasy novelist published in English, interviewed by Abhay K.

In this interview writer Naivo tells Abhay K., the guest editor of Global Literature in Libraries Initiative's #MadagascarLitMonth about his book Beyond the Rice Fields, the first Malagasy novel ever translated into English. why he wrote the book, what were his challenges in writing it, and his favourite Malagasy writers. Beyond the Rice Fields, by … Continue reading Naivo, the first Malagasy novelist published in English, interviewed by Abhay K.

Ohabolana: Malagasy Proverbs

Ohabolana or Malagasy proverbs show the wit and wisdom of the Malagasy people distilled from the rich experience of living. There are hundreds of Malagasy proverbs and sayings. I have selected a few which impressed me the most. Hope you too will find these proverbs enlightening and imbibe the wisdom they offer to live better … Continue reading Ohabolana: Malagasy Proverbs

#QATARILITMONTH: Preserving Qatari Heritage and Legacies

The Oral History of Qatar Main Exhibition Area At the National Museum of Qatar If you were born in Qatar between 1970 and 1990, your parents probably told you stories of the Noon’s Donkey, the Big Giant, and Abu Derya, the Man of the Sea. Do you ever still think of these stories? How could … Continue reading #QATARILITMONTH: Preserving Qatari Heritage and Legacies