#IntlYALitMonth: Boys Run the Riot

Boys Run the Riot, Volume 1 Boys Run the Riot, Volume 1 is the first title in a four volume manga series from trans mangaka (manga creator) Keito Gaku. Like the street fashion which threads through the volumes, this series is bursting with color, identity and expression. This series centers on high school student Ryo … Continue reading #IntlYALitMonth: Boys Run the Riot

#IntlYALitMonth: A Scatter of Light

A Scatter of Light by Malinda Lo After a camera phone, a high school boy, and the internet ruin her reputation, Aria Tang West spends the summer with her grandmother in a small town in California.  Honestly, that beginning didn't hook me in. But as soon as she meets her grandmother's gardener, Steph, she's hooked for … Continue reading #IntlYALitMonth: A Scatter of Light

#IntlYALitMonth: Iron Widow

Iron Widow Trigger warning: This book contains scenes of violence and sexual assault that some readers may find triggering to read. Zhao creates a magical world where elements of Chinese history, mythology, Transformers and a dash of Hunger Games are all combined into a nail biting fight to save humanity.  In a futuristic world, civilization … Continue reading #IntlYALitMonth: Iron Widow

Translator Larissa Helena in conversation with Lawrence Schimel

Here The Whole Time and Where We Go From Here are two queer YA novels in translation from Brazilian Portuguese published by Scholastic this year. In a Brazilian LGBT sweep, both titles won the #2021GLLITranslatedYALitBookPrize this week. Translator and World Kid Lit co-founder Lawrence Schimel spoke to their translator Larissa Helena about the books last September. Indeed, Lawrence … Continue reading Translator Larissa Helena in conversation with Lawrence Schimel

#GlobalPRIDELitMonth: Celebrating PRIDE With LGBTQ2IA+ Literature From Around the World

This June, we celebrated PRIDE at the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative through focusing on books written by LGBT2QIA+ authors and/or featuring characters that identify with these communities. Many books featured this month are #ownvoices titles, and cover an incredible range of genres; literary fiction, memoirs, young adult fiction, experimental fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction, poetry … Continue reading #GlobalPRIDELitMonth: Celebrating PRIDE With LGBTQ2IA+ Literature From Around the World

#GlobalPRIDELitMonth: The Hungry Ghosts

Stretching from Colombo in Sri Lanka to Vancouver and Toronto in Canada, Shyam Selvadurai’s The Hungry Ghosts is about a mixed Tamil and Sinhalese boy named Shivan Rassiah. Hanging over a story that is deeply entrenched in control over power and land, migration, and desire and belonging, is the Buddhist concept of hungry ghosts. The … Continue reading #GlobalPRIDELitMonth: The Hungry Ghosts

#GlobalPrideLitMonth: Interview with author Danton Remoto

Danton Remoto is a writer, educator, media personality, and the founder of Ladlad, the LGBTQ political party of the Philippines. His novel, Riverrun, about a gay young man’s coming of age in a military dictatorship, is one of the first gay novels -- if not the first gay novel -- published in the Philippines. Originally … Continue reading #GlobalPrideLitMonth: Interview with author Danton Remoto

#GlobalPRIDELitMonth: Queer Africa: #ownvoices books from LGBTQ2IA+ African Writers

Check out these 11 books of poetry, comics, short stories, novels and non-fiction anthologies. All by African writers. All #ownvoices. Meanwhile... Graphic short stories about everyday queer life in Southern and East Africa. By the Qintu Collab. English. Short Story Collection. So this work that we all do as artists and culture makers – we … Continue reading #GlobalPRIDELitMonth: Queer Africa: #ownvoices books from LGBTQ2IA+ African Writers

#GlobalPRIDELitMonth: Little Blue Encyclopedia (For Vivian)-A Quirky Queer Experimental Novel about Love and Grief

This is a joyful book about grief. I didn’t think such a book existed, but here it is. Little Blue Encyclopedia (for Vivian) is a bizarre, whimsical, and beautiful testimony to friendship, love and grief. Written by Canadian queer trans librarian Hazel Jane Plante, this fantastic, experimental novel is somehow her first novel. It is … Continue reading #GlobalPRIDELitMonth: Little Blue Encyclopedia (For Vivian)-A Quirky Queer Experimental Novel about Love and Grief

#GlobalPRIDELitMonth: Two-Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQ2IA+ Voices

In recognition of PRIDE month and Indigenous People’s History Day in Canada, here are some of the many Two-Spirit and LGBTQ2IA+ authors and poets sharing their stories and art.Special thanks to Out on the Shelves Library and Xwi7xwa Library for highlighting and making these books available. Both are located on the ancestral, traditional and unceded … Continue reading #GlobalPRIDELitMonth: Two-Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQ2IA+ Voices