Publisher Spotlight: Kurodahan Press

In mid-2002, a group of language professionals living in Japan began to discuss the need for a new kind of publisher—one that could serve readers in English and Japanese, with titles meant for both general and specialist markets. Reflecting the skills and interests of its founding directors, Kurodahan Press first offered books relating to Japan, … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Kurodahan Press

TITLE PICK: Tomiko Inui, The Secret of the Blue Glass

  The Secret of the Blue Glass Tomiko Inui, Ginny Tapley Takemori (Trans.) Pushkin Children's Books ISBN 9781782690344 In a dusty library, in the quietest corner of a house in a Tokyo suburb, live the Little People: Fern and Balbo, Robin and Iris. Just a few inches high, sleeping in cigarette boxes and crafting shoes … Continue reading TITLE PICK: Tomiko Inui, The Secret of the Blue Glass

Book Review: ARE YOU AN ECHO?

  by Jenny Zbrizher Are You An Echo? by David Jacobson, Misuzu Kaneko; translated from the Japanese by Sally Ito, Michiko Tsuboi; illustrated by Toshikado Hajiri; Chin Music Press, Sept. 2016 Part picture book biography and part translated poetry anthology, this unique children's book is the product of a translational collaboration between an American author, two … Continue reading Book Review: ARE YOU AN ECHO?

Which is Round? Which is Bigger?

  By Kristin Jónsson Mamada, Mineko.  Which is Round?  Which is Bigger?  Illus. Mamada, Minkeo.  Originally published in Japanese as Docchikana?  Kids Can Press.  March 1, 2013.  ISBN 978-1-55453-973-4. This delightful picture book is a perfect fit for preschool through first grade.  On each page spread the author poses what seems to be a simple … Continue reading Which is Round? Which is Bigger?

Miyamoto Teru, RIVERS

  The first of the GLLI book recommendations comes from Japan via Kurodahan Press. MIYAMOTO Teru has established a considerable and devoted following in Japan, and is rapidly building a devoted readership in other Asian countries and parts of Europe as his fiction is translated into various languages. With only a few of his works … Continue reading Miyamoto Teru, RIVERS