Kabary: Traditional Malagasy Speech

Kabary is a highly stylized form of speech delivered in a loud voice in a public gathering which has been a vital part of Malagasy culture for centuries. The Malagasy word 'Kabary' comes from the Arab word 'Kabar' which means a way of thinking. It has to be accompanied by proverbs (Ohabolana) and sayings so … Continue reading Kabary: Traditional Malagasy Speech

Ohabolana: Malagasy Proverbs

Ohabolana or Malagasy proverbs show the wit and wisdom of the Malagasy people distilled from the rich experience of living. There are hundreds of Malagasy proverbs and sayings. I have selected a few which impressed me the most. Hope you too will find these proverbs enlightening and imbibe the wisdom they offer to live better … Continue reading Ohabolana: Malagasy Proverbs