#GlobalPrideLitMonth: Interview with author Danton Remoto

Danton Remoto is a writer, educator, media personality, and the founder of Ladlad, the LGBTQ political party of the Philippines. His novel, Riverrun, about a gay young man’s coming of age in a military dictatorship, is one of the first gay novels -- if not the first gay novel -- published in the Philippines. Originally … Continue reading #GlobalPrideLitMonth: Interview with author Danton Remoto

#GlobalPRIDELitMonth: Riverrun -A Filipino Queer Masterpiece

In the middle of Riverrun: A Novel, the main character Danilo watches his childhood friend Luis slip into the river. Danilo observes his friend's body as the first stirrings of desire bob up. Luis calls for Danilo to join him, but Danilo refrains. The river can swell at any moment, he explains. On the one … Continue reading #GlobalPRIDELitMonth: Riverrun -A Filipino Queer Masterpiece