Publisher Spotlight: Le French Book

Since it is French literature month on our blog, it only seems fitting to highlight one of the great presses out there working specifically in the French translation sphere. In this case, Le French Book. If you not only love noir and crime fiction, but also feel inspired to support female-founded and -run presses, please spend … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Le French Book

Fade to Black by Zoë Beck

WEDNESDAY 1. No one walks through London with a machete.       Unless you count the two men passing him just now. Niall had already wrapped up taking pictures of the spot where the Effra River had once emptied into the Thames, when one of the two men looked back at him. The man’s gaze lingered … Continue reading Fade to Black by Zoë Beck

Book Review: The Invisible Guardian

  by Kathryn Bodnar The Invisible Guardian by Dolores Redondo; translated from the Spanish by Isabelle Kaufeler; Atria Books 2016 Following in the strong tradition of the Spanish novela negra, The Invisible Guardian is the first of Dolores Redondo’s Baztán trilogy. This crime thriller blends traditional elements of the genre with mythologies and superstitions of … Continue reading Book Review: The Invisible Guardian