Katerina Stoykova: My Tongue, My Enemy

My Tongue, My Enemy Without you—blood in the mouth. I swallow, the Latin serifs scratch. My tongue, my brother. Decorated, perforated— metal ball rolls along the teeth like a perverse arrowhead. Tongue or Death. My tongue, my own carcass. My tongue, another friend whom I’ve betrayed. Shouldering guilt, the innocent start running. My tongue, my … Continue reading Katerina Stoykova: My Tongue, My Enemy

Vladimir Sabourin: Workers VI

Workers VI  With a helmet swept off the head the strap cutting into the throat Weighing you down to the earth’s lap you’re not her son The petrol field is not mother earth but you’ve lain backwards Over clods of earth lit up like ores from the all-enveloping In this artificial heaven paraffin film huge … Continue reading Vladimir Sabourin: Workers VI

Aksinia Mihaylova: Rain

RAIN Half an hour I’ve been standing in the shower and can’t wash off this haunting dream pursuing me for years, in which you abandon me at the farmer’s market in a southern city. The tides of blood discard sand and dead jellyfish in my eyes and I can’t see how you walk away carrying … Continue reading Aksinia Mihaylova: Rain

Katerina Stoykova: Creative Spurt

Creative Spurt By now the moon has shrunk back to a dark comma in the sky, and I have stopped writing. Two weeks of rubbing pen and paper like a cicada its front legs, and erupting in some language I no longer use for thinking. They say the tongue you become a poet in is … Continue reading Katerina Stoykova: Creative Spurt

Ani Ilkov: Stony Coke

Stony coke You think, that under the earth there, that we can become worthy. Working out of the companies, we’ll gather enough money, until wife and kids appear. And you think: how straightforward, a black sun shines from the height, and from below naturally intrepid shining ores open eyes up wide like a man rising … Continue reading Ani Ilkov: Stony Coke

Stoyanka Grudova: Picking Loneliness

PICKING LONELINESS just like mushrooms loneliness too has a double poisonous and edible loneliness one bows to you with its red hat the other watches you smiling with polka dots by its blue blood you’ll recognize which one counts your hours Stoyanka Grudova Translation: Katerina Stoykova from the anthology Season of Delicate Hunger (ed. Katerina … Continue reading Stoyanka Grudova: Picking Loneliness

Katerina Stoykova: Better

Better                 for Toni The time I left my best friend behind was a time of hope for something better than a best friend, was a time of hope for true love, was a time of hope for a better life, better than a best friend, better than her true love, better than a life … Continue reading Katerina Stoykova: Better

Bulgarian Poetry in English Translation III/3: the period 1944-1989 – Danila Stoianova

Unfortunately, Danila Stoianova didn't have much time to fully develop her talent as a poet. She died 1984 at the young age of 23 after a long battle with leukemia. This, and a series of deaths in her family left a deep mark on her and one can not read her poems without thinking of … Continue reading Bulgarian Poetry in English Translation III/3: the period 1944-1989 – Danila Stoianova

Zlatomir Zlatanov: At the grave of Penyo Penev

At the grave of Penyo Penev* I stood in front of the unfinished block, which marks the end of the town. From the one time hill under my feet I just remember the strong wind of dusk - unused to the new echo, it attempts it over again in a cave of concrete, where the … Continue reading Zlatomir Zlatanov: At the grave of Penyo Penev

New Social Poetry: an interview with Vladimir Sabourin

"New Social Poetry" is a Bulgarian literary movement, created in 2016 in Sofia. The first publication of this group, the "Manifesto of the New Social Poetry" has caused a lot of controversial discussions due to the outspoken rhetoric of the text against the so-called "peaceful transition" in Bulgaria, a period after the official end of … Continue reading New Social Poetry: an interview with Vladimir Sabourin