#MadagascarLitMonth: Contemporary Poetry of Madagascar

-Abhay K. I have been in Madagascar close to three years. During this time I have interacted with a number of young Malagasy poets while hosting the monthly literary programme LaLitTana which I started in April 2019. I present a selection of poems of some of these poets in English translation here. Most of the … Continue reading #MadagascarLitMonth: Contemporary Poetry of Madagascar

#MadagascarLitMonth: Mose Njo interviewed by Abhay K.

In this interview novelist and short story writer Mose Njo tells Abhay K., the guest editor of Global Literature in Libraries Initiative for #MadagascarLitMonth about his short story Siri mon Amour, Zuckerbook ma Patrie. translated into English by Allison M. Charette, why did he write it, how long did it take to write it, surprises … Continue reading #MadagascarLitMonth: Mose Njo interviewed by Abhay K.

#MadagascarLitMonth: From Sorabe script to Latin script

A Journey of Malagasy Script by Mose Njo First of all, let’s go back to 1817, more than 200 years ago. Something happened on the 26th of March. And that sealed the fate of the Malagasy language, therefore the Madagascan literature, at least for the next two centuries and counting. That year, Radama, the King … Continue reading #MadagascarLitMonth: From Sorabe script to Latin script