‘The Nepali Diaspora is seeing a rise in the number of good literary writers’: An interview with writer Krishna Bajgai

Today, I am talking to Krishna Bajgai, a Nepali writer living in the UK.

Krishna Bajgai leads the Samakalin Sahitya Pratisthan that he founded in 2014. Under the banner of Samakalin Sahitya Pratisthan he publishes and edits www.samakalinsahitya.com.

He has ten published books to his credit. This includes travelogues, short story collections, Haiku and poetry collections.

Three of his travelogues are taught at the Universities (Tribhuvan University, Lumbini Baudhha University & Purwanchal University) in Nepal for Bachelors’ in Arts degree. Two of his travelogues were the subject for research for the students of the Master’s degree at Tribhuvan University.

Decorated by seven prestigious awards in his literary career, he is also affiliated with many literary institutions.

SS: Do you see Nepali literature flourishing among the Nepali Diaspora?  What about literary organizations?

KB: Nepali diaspora is seeing a rise in the number of good literary writers. The number of literary organizations is also growing and they are instrumental in promoting Nepali literature. Good quality books are being published in various genres. Some writers from the diaspora have also been established in the mainstream Nepali literary sphere. Nepali literature is thriving in the world through the publication of books, magazines, and journals, and through events like interactions, seminars, and conferences.

SS: You have been instrumental in contributing to Nepali literature through samakalinsahitya.com. How long have you been doing this and who are the other people involved?

KB: Samakalinsahitya.com is being published regularly for the past 13 years. Anish Bhattarai oversees the technical aspects of the website. I do the remaining work such as soliciting articles, editing them and posting them on the website. Writers send their write-ups every day, and we post them on the website every week.

Krishna Bajgai
Krishna Bajgai

SS: Please tell us about your publications. Do you have any plans to translate your books?

KB: Ten of my literary works have been published so far. A short story collection is ready for publication. I am also writing a travelogue. My travelogue and the short story collection will come to the market in 2020.

Translation is a medium that can take Nepali literature to international readers. I have plans to translate one of my story collections and a Haiku collection into English. It might take some time though, as I am too busy at present in other writings.

SS: What are some publications under the banner of Samakalin Sahitya Pratisthan?

KB: Samakalin Sahitya Pratisthan, UK (Contemporary Literature Institute) is an active literary organization. It has been emphasizing writing and research since its inception in 2014. To date, it has published 13 literary books and four volumes of research-based literary journal ‘Pravasan‘ (Diaspora). The fifth volume of the journal has gone to the printer. The other two literary books are being edited. They will be published soon.

SS: Could you also please explain a little about the inception and operation of Samakalin Facebook Group.

KB: Facebook is very popular in Nepal. Both new and established writers post their literary write-ups of various genres on Facebook. Keeping this matter in view, Samakalin Sahitya Pratisthan opened a Facebook Group in 2014. The group has 253,000 members now. New members join the group every day. More than 100 creative writings are posted on the wall of the group every day. The group is a common platform for new and established writers to teach and learn literature. This effort has also supported Nepali literature.

The interview with Krishna Bajgai was done via email. 


Translation and Editorial support: Thakur Amgai

Thakur Amgai
is a writer and translator based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He hails from Gorkha, in western Nepal. Travelling and farming, in addition to writing, are his special passions. Email: thakur.amgai@gmail.com


Written by Dr Sangita Swechcha

Dr Sangita Swechcha is a Communications Professional, Researcher, and a Fiction writer. She has over 15 years of experience in international communications and media relations. She is a Guest Editor for Global Literature in Libraries Initiative (GLLI) and coordinating ‘Nepali Literature month’ – November 2019. She is a novelist and a writer who has written a novel ‘Pakhalieko Siundo’, a joint collection of stories ‘Asahamatika Pailaharu’ and a collection of short stories ‘Gulafsangako Prem’ in Nepali.

Forthcoming in English translations in 2020 in e-book formats first: A novel ‘Pakhalieko Siundo’ and a collection of short stories ‘Gulafsangako Prem’, titled in English as ‘The Rose: An Unusual Love Story’ (looking for international publisher/s for publishing print versions of these books). Her twitter handle: SangyShrestha. Email: sangyshrestha@hotmail.com Connect on Facebook.

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