Publisher Spotlight: Lantana Press

Lantana Publishing is a young, driven publisher with a concrete goal and the know-how to get it done well. Dedicated to providing a platform for BAME authors and illustrators, this publisher delivers consistently excellent quality, as their titles have been nominated for a ridiculous number of awards given their youth and size.


Spotlighted Title:

Tomorrow, written and illustrated by Nadine Kaadan


Tomorrow is a truly exceptional work by Syrian author Nadine Kadaan, whose genius here is to marry the whimsical drawings and naive outlook of a young boy with the heartbreaking reality present in the periphery. Kadaan offers glimpses into the reality of living in a war zone, which is completely shattering in its absences rather than through bombastic ballistics. However, the tone of the book never loses hope, and treads a delicate balance that allows children to grasp some of the realities of war, while not overwhelming them with its innate cruelty. Indeed, the power of the book comes from the protagonist Yazan’s unfailing optimism and the strength of family in trying times. There are books that are beautiful, books that are thoughtful, books that are cute, books that are jarring, books that challenge, and books that are important. This book is all these things.


Tomorrow was the first translated title that Lantana Publishing produced, and it won’t be the last with more titles slated for arrival before long. If they’re anything close to half as moving as Tomorrow, then there’s a place for them on my shelf.


To check out more of Lantana’s offerings visit their website here!

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