The GLLI-PR collaboration on Chinese literature, Feb 2017 (list of all 28 posts)

Towards the end of last year, Rachel Hildebrandt invited Paper Republic to give the Global Literature in Libraries blog a Chinese focus in February. We posted one a day throughout the month, simultaneously on the GLLI blog (search for “Chinese”) and on the Paper Republic blog (search for “GLLI”) – that’s 28 posts in total, see the full list below. A huge thanks to Rachel, to everyone at GLLI and PR, and to all our contributors!

  1. What is Paper Republic? – by Eric Abrahamsen
  2. Read Paper Republic: An Introduction – by Dave Haysom
  3. Chinese Literature FAQ – by Dave Haysom
  4. Chinese Literature: What to Read and How to Read It – Brigitte Duzan
  5. My Chinese Books – by Bertrand Mialaret
  6. Contemporary Chinese Poetry – by Eleanor Goodman
  7. Truth Becomes Fiction When Fiction Is True – Ann Waltner
  8. Writing (and Translating) the Surreal, Part 1: Dorothy Tse – by Nicky Harman
  9. Writing (and Translating) the Surreal, Part 2: the stories of Sun Yisheng – by Nicky Harman
  10. What If… – by Jeff Wasserstrom
  11. Ken Liu on Chinese Science Fiction – interviewed by Eric Abrahamsen
  12. In China, Writing Reality as Fiction – by Li Jingrui
  13. Chinese Literature and the Law – Emily Jones
  14. The Untouched Crime by Zijin Chen (review) – by Michelle Deeter
  15. A Mesmerised Youth in the Grip of the Evolving Capital: Feng Tang’s novel Beijing, Beijing – by Martina Codeluppi
  16. Reincarnations: Chinese Novels Translated into English and into Film – by Nicky Harman
  17. Ethnic-themed Literature Out of China – by Bruce Humes
  18. Chinese Literature Prizes – by Chen Dongmei
  19. Creating a Dynamic New Centre for Chinese Literature in Translation – by Frances Weightman
  20. Jia Pingwa as Global Literature – by Nick Stember
  21. Translations in the British Library – by Frances Wood
  22. Popular genre fiction in China, from the monkey king to tomb robbing – by Heather Inwood
  23. The Ventriloquist’s Daughter: Between Fantasy and Reality – by Lin Man-chiu
  24. One Child: The Story of China’s Most Radical Social Experiment – by Mei Fong
  25. St Gregory’s School ‘Reading China’ book group – by Theresa Munford
  26. The Story of Ink and Water – by Chun Zhang
  27. Raiding China’s Tomb Adventures – by Xueting Christine Ni
  28. On a cold December evening I headed to the Free Word Centre in London, to do something I had never tried before – by Marinella Mezzanotte


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