#WorldKidLit Weekend: The Story of Bodri

An illustrated book for ages 6-10, The Story of Bodri* is based on the experiences of Swedish-Romanian Hédi Fried.  A teenager when she was sent to Auschwitz, author Fried lectures today on racism, democracy, and the Holocaust. She was inspired to write The Story of Bodri when a young attendee at one of her talks asked about … Continue reading #WorldKidLit Weekend: The Story of Bodri

Two Old Women by Velma Wallis

My second choice in this section of older women in northern America comes from the Yukon, and is a retelling of an ancient legend celebrating the resilience, fortitude and wisdom of the two old women of the title:  Two Old Women In its retelling Velma Wallis draws on the complaints one hears about older people … Continue reading Two Old Women by Velma Wallis