Publisher Spotlight: Comma Press

Despite the fact that English translations are being published around the world, the barriers to awareness of what is going on outside of one's national boundaries are substantial. Distribution and review access are just two of the major factors involved in stifling the flow of information. In the interest of helping librarians and others to … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Comma Press

Book Excerpt: She Was Singing (story) by Danielle Picard

The short ceremony was coming to an end.   The young woman felt she was beyond tears, a hard block of insensitivity.  A small crowd had accompanied her mother towards nothingness, close family, friends, strangers, some of whom came to introduce themselves:  colleagues of the dead woman, members of associations to which her mother belonged, an … Continue reading Book Excerpt: She Was Singing (story) by Danielle Picard

Under Cover of Dust

  For an idle literary translator, what’s a good place to search for foreign fiction? Anthologies and bestseller lists, web wish-lists of books that ought to be translated? Old bookshops where floor-to-ceiling shelves are laden with literature from decades or centuries ago? All good suggestions. But there’s another source which can prove fruitful. If your … Continue reading Under Cover of Dust