Book Excerpt: She Was Singing (story) by Danielle Picard

The short ceremony was coming to an end.   The young woman felt she was beyond tears, a hard block of insensitivity.  A small crowd had accompanied her mother towards nothingness, close family, friends, strangers, some of whom came to introduce themselves:  colleagues of the dead woman, members of associations to which her mother belonged, an … Continue reading Book Excerpt: She Was Singing (story) by Danielle Picard

Under Cover of Dust

  For an idle literary translator, what’s a good place to search for foreign fiction? Anthologies and bestseller lists, web wish-lists of books that ought to be translated? Old bookshops where floor-to-ceiling shelves are laden with literature from decades or centuries ago? All good suggestions. But there’s another source which can prove fruitful. If your … Continue reading Under Cover of Dust