New Zealand writing – wrap up

Long overdue (many public libraries in New Zealand are abandoning overdue fines) here at last is the summation of the New Zealand month - February 2020. Now that I look back on that month I see there are so many writers, events, celebrations that I could have (and I am sure some of my colleagues … Continue reading New Zealand writing – wrap up

NZ poet Glenn Colquhoun

I have this poem on the noticeboard above my desk at work. I work in a school library and that last line is magic to me. Here is the complete work- thanks for Victory University. Glenn Colquhoun is someone who lives life to the full. He is a practising Doctor, working for a youth health … Continue reading NZ poet Glenn Colquhoun

NZ poet Hone Tuwhare

Moving on from poetry for Valentine's Day one poet absent from the list compiled by Paula Green was Hone Tuwhare. Perhaps his poetry lacked romanticism but Tuwhare is recognised as New Zealand’s most distinguished Māori poet writing in English. Tuwhare was a working man turned poet. He was trained as a boilermaker and worked with … Continue reading NZ poet Hone Tuwhare

Romantic kiwis – happy valentine’s day

When it comes to romance poetry is the language of love right? Apparently, our poets have a very dark approach to the subject of love according to journalist Bronwyn Sell who had been asked to find a New Zealand poem to read at a friend's wedding. If you have time please read her entire article. The … Continue reading Romantic kiwis – happy valentine’s day