Publisher Spotlight: Nube Ocho

Based in Madrid, Spain, Nube Ocho is a gorgeous publishing house that is dedicated to promoting diversity, equality, and the emotional development of children. Their titles have been distributed in the US for the past few years, so now is an excellent time to jump on the train and see if your library can snag some of their books!

Spotlighted Titles:

Dormouse and His Seven Beds


Dormouse and His Seven Beds brings to mind the classic approach of fables, but also showcases a spirit of true care. Many books deal with trying to handle zany situations, but it’s rare for a title to subtly illustrate that understanding the reason behind a situation is often just as important as dealing with the situation itself. This is a gorgeously illustrated book with a sneakily insightful approach.


Daniela the Pirate



Daniela the Pirate is an incredibly fun book, in no small part due to the vibrant, vivacious nature of it’s illustration. Of course the energy and charisma of the eponymous Daniela contribute to  the fantastically adventurous feel of the title as well, leading to a classic positive message about not being constrained by what others say you can or cannot do.


No Water No Bread

No Water No Bread.jpg


Sometimes there are titles that are just impactful and hit you in just the right spot. Luis Amavisca Guridi’s No Water No Bread, is an example of a story that transposes a difficult truth into a simple, easy to understand story that cuts straight to the heart of the concept. The illustrated style is restrained, a stylistic choice that keeps from distracting the reader. It is a lovely book, that does a great deal to distill a difficult situation to its essence. The metaphor–one group having bread, one having water, and one having nothing–is easy to explain to kids and a stalwart choice for explaining the need for empathy. It’s just a very lovely book.


Of course these are only a few of the titles available from Nube Ocho, so if these ones interest you, head over to their website for more incredible titles!

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