Publisher Spotlight: Graywolf Press

Publisher Spotlight: Gray Wolf Press

Founded in 1974, Gray Wolf Press has been showcasing some of the best non-fiction and fiction around for decades. Throughout their comparatively lengthy time as a non-profit publisher they’ve delved into a variety of literature, including some absolutely delectable translations.

Spotlighted Titles:

Airmail: The Letters of Robert Bly and Tomas Tranströmer


A fascinating look at the way relationships can change one’s life and work, Airmail is a look at the correspondence between Robert Bly and Tomas Tranströmer, two incredibly influential poets of the 20th century. Within it one can see their closeness and insights into a number of topics, from musings on contemporary issues of the time to the arts of poetry and translation.


Mirror, Shoulder, Signal by Dorthe Nors, translated from Danish by Misha Hoekstra

Mirror SHoulder Signal

A finalist for the International Man Booker prize from 2017, Nors’ novel is an extremely intelligent one. Simultaneously showcasing introspection, humor, and struggle with social expectations (often in the same sentence), the Danish author has brought a work of impressive balance. One of the hallmarks of an excellent writer is to convey an immense amount of meaning in a short frame, and Nors may very well be one of the best around at that.

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