2019 Translated YA Book Prize Submissions – Complete List


Equatorial Guinea – La Bastarda

Palestine – Code Name: Butterfly


Bangladesh – Rasha

China – Bronze and Sunflower
ChinaThe City of Sand
ChinaThe Dragon Ridge Tombs

India – Agnyatha
India – Amazon Adventure (graphic novel)
IndiaThe Aunt Who Wouldn’t Die

Japan – Go
JapanMy Brother’s Husband, Vol. 1 & 2 (gn)
JapanThe Secret of the Blue Glass


France – A Friend in the Dark
France – A Winter’s Promise
France – Alpha (gn)
France – California Dreamin’ (gn)
France – Cici’s Journal (gn)
France – Max
France – Monet (gn)
FrancePortugal (gn)
FranceSamantha Watkins
France – The Book of Pearl
France – The Provocative Colette (gn)

Germany – Defying the Nazis (nonfiction)
Germany – The Concealed

Italy – Run for Your Life

The Netherlands – A Hundred Hours of Night
The NetherlandsThe Sexy Storm (poetry)

Norway – Almost Autumn

Russia – Playing a Part

Sweden – Wonderful Feels Like This


Mexico – The Wild Book

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