International Publisher Spotlight: dtv Verlagsgesellschaft

dtv is one of the largest independent publishers in the German language and our titles are regularly guests on the top of the bestselling lists.

dtv was originally founded in 1960 with the sole purpose of publishing paperback licences. Nowdays, 70% of the books stem from dtv’s own authors. 400 titles are published each year, and dtv DIGITAL offers the digital versions across all of our lists. Via rights, sales and logistics cooperation, many more publishers (both national and international) use dtv’s access to German-language booksellers and to international licencing partners.

The broad spectrum of dtv’s list presents international and German fiction, non-fiction and self-help as well as books for children, teenagers and YA. These lists cover all formats: hardcover, trade paperback, paperback, mass market editions and ebooks.

Current catalogue of titles

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