#DutchKidLit – Fright Night by Maren Stoffels

Shortlisted for the 2021 Global Literature in Libraries Initiative Translated YA Book Prize I always thought death would look different.A bit like in the movies.Spectacular, sad, or perhaps scary.But your death was lonely,even though there were four people around you:three people watching -- and me,your murderer. - Murderer, Fright Night What if you had the … Continue reading #DutchKidLit – Fright Night by Maren Stoffels

Excerpt: The Conspiracy by Israel Centeno

Manuel Roca was a correct, disciplined, tidy man. Manuel Roca was behind the president the moment they shot at him. He was his Minister of Social Affairs. Until the Military Staff cleared the stage, he didn’t flinch. He was a cold man. One of the guards grabbed him by the arm and he resisted. “What’s … Continue reading Excerpt: The Conspiracy by Israel Centeno