#GlobalPRIDELitMonth: Singapore’s #ownvoices

To encounter what is right and wrong about Singapore, read our literature.Cyril Wong In celebration of #GlobalPRIDELitMonth at Global Literature in Libraries Initiative, explore this booklist of open and unapologetic writers from Singapore. Ng Yi-Sheng. Edited by Jason Wee. SQ21: SINGAPORE QUEERS IN THE 21ST CENTURY. (2006). An Oogachaga Publication published by Math Paper Press. … Continue reading #GlobalPRIDELitMonth: Singapore’s #ownvoices

#GlobalPRIDELitMonth: The Black Tides of Heaven

JY Yang’s Tensorate series takes place in a world where gender identity, biological sex, and reproductive abilities are all separate. The Singaporean author identifies as non-binary and queer, and their description of a world where people are free to choose their own identity and physical form, and where all sexual orientations and relationship structures are … Continue reading #GlobalPRIDELitMonth: The Black Tides of Heaven