#IntlYALitMonth: Pet

Pet, by Akwaeke Emezi DO NOT BE AFRAID. For in Lucille, life is sweet and soft. It has been since the revolution, when the angels disentangled the monsters from society’s fabric and wove it back together, stronger. There are no monsters left. Jam has known this always, as have all the children blossoming in the … Continue reading #IntlYALitMonth: Pet

#TasmanianLitMonth – Summing Up a Month of Tasmanian Titles

Written by guest curator, Bec Taylor Celebrating Tasmanian Literature Month has allowed me the privilege of connecting my past to my present and future. I have luxuriated in my precious memories of a wild and free childhood, shed tears over the dark and horrifying acts inflicted upon and by our ancestors, discovered incredible new-to-me creators, … Continue reading #TasmanianLitMonth – Summing Up a Month of Tasmanian Titles

#TasmanianLitMonth – The Bluffs by Kyle Perry

Kyle PerryPhoto credit: Penguin Random House About Kyle Perry Kyle Perry is a drug and alcohol counsellor based in Hobart, Tasmania. He has grown up around the Tasmanian bush and seas, with the landscape a key feature of his writing and his spare time. He loves the sea, and his entire leg is covered in … Continue reading #TasmanianLitMonth – The Bluffs by Kyle Perry

#TasmanianLitMonth: Featured Writer – Karen Harrland

Written by Tasmanian author Karen Harrland Karen Harrland Writing the 'Daughter of the Plateau' and 'Spinifex Baby' I sat on the timber steps outside the old weatherboard cottage with a steaming coffee. Towering Eucalypts caught the wind that blew off the mist shrouded mountains behind me, and I felt my thoughts deepen as I looked … Continue reading #TasmanianLitMonth: Featured Writer – Karen Harrland

#TasmanianLitMonth: Featured Writer – Lyndon Riggall

Written by guest contributor Lyndon Riggall, introduction by Bec Taylor Lyndon Riggall is a northern Tasmanian writer and English teacher at Launceston College and co-host, with Annie Warburton, of the Tamar Valley Writers’ Festival Podcast. Tasmania being Tasmania, and six degrees of separation being more like two, it turns out Lyndon was both a student … Continue reading #TasmanianLitMonth: Featured Writer – Lyndon Riggall

#TasmanianLitMonth: Tasmanian Crime Writing & Writing Festivals, Part 2

Written by author and festival director, LMJ Owen Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crime, visits Tasmania As mentioned in Part 1, Agatha Christie visited Tasmania in 1922 and loved it. She wrote in her autobiography: “Incredibly beautiful Hobart, with its deep blue sea and harbor, and its flowers, trees and shrubs. I planned to come … Continue reading #TasmanianLitMonth: Tasmanian Crime Writing & Writing Festivals, Part 2

#TasmanianLitMonth: Featured Writer – Meg Bignell

An interview with author Meg Bignell, by Bec Taylor About Meg Meg Bignell is a Tasmanian writer, actor and performer. She is the author of three novels published by Penguin Random House — The Sparkle Pages, Welcome to Nowhere River and The Angry Women’s Choir. She has written, directed and performed for cabaret, stage and television and sings with Hobart Voice Academy Ensemble. She … Continue reading #TasmanianLitMonth: Featured Writer – Meg Bignell

#TasmanianLitMonth: A Child’s Book of True Crime, by Chloe Hooper

Photo and bio courtesy of Penguin Random House About Chloe Hooper Chloe Hooper’s The Tall Man: Death and Life on Palm Island (2008) won the Victorian, New South Wales, West Australian and Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards, as well as the John Button Prize for Political Writing, and a Ned Kelly Award for crime writing. She is also … Continue reading #TasmanianLitMonth: A Child’s Book of True Crime, by Chloe Hooper

#TasmanianLitMonth: – Tasmanian Crime and Mystery Fiction, Part 1

Written by author and literary festival director L.J.M. Owen The Eternal Reader’s Problem “It was a beautiful, clear morning - the mist that at early dawn, had been overhanging the summit of Mount Wellington, had gradually disappeared, exhibiting its rough and towering majesty in all its splendour; and I was doubting in my mind, whether … Continue reading #TasmanianLitMonth: – Tasmanian Crime and Mystery Fiction, Part 1

#TasmanianLitMonth: Featured Writer – Cameron Hindrum

Poetry by guest contributor, Dr. Cameron Hindrum, with an introduction and conclusion by Bec Taylor Dr. Cameron Hindrum is a distinguished novelist, poet, teacher, and playwright. His most recent award is the Tasmanian Literary Award 2022 from the University of Tasmania, for the manuscript of his new novel, The Sand. He also coordinated the Tasmanian … Continue reading #TasmanianLitMonth: Featured Writer – Cameron Hindrum