#WorldKidLit Wednesday: Elephant Island

Elephants are not generally considered to be seafaring animals although they do come with built-in snorkels. When Arnold the elephant’s boat sinks, his snorkel proves very useful. He ends up on a tiny island, which, hilariously, is no larger than one of his legs. Some might despair at this situation; not so Arnold! His snorkel … Continue reading #WorldKidLit Wednesday: Elephant Island

Speculative Fiction in Translation: The Cathedral of Mist

The Cathedral of Mist by Paul Willems translated from the French by Edward Gauvin Wakefield Press July 5, 2016 112 pages In this collection of surreal, exquisitely-composed and expertly-translated stories, Belgian fantasist Paul Willems (1912-1997) offers us a multitude of dreamscapes both as delicate as gossamer and tangible as a mountain. Cathedrals made of mist, … Continue reading Speculative Fiction in Translation: The Cathedral of Mist

The Golden Cage

Drawn in by Carll Cneut’s glorious artwork and the prospect of a ‘deliciously dark European picture book’, I backed this book on Kickstarter earlier this year. It is due for release this month. The Golden Cage is a wonderfully unique picture book. First, its size: At 340 x 260 mm, it is larger than most … Continue reading The Golden Cage

International Publisher Spotlight: Lannoo Publishers (Belgium)

In recent years, Lannoo Publishers has established a global presence with its internationally recognized list. Topics can be grouped into four categories: 1. Lifestyle & Art list Our exciting Lifestyle & Art list features Belgium's best-selling author Pascale Naessens, whose books have sold almost 2 million copies so far, inspiring craft, mouth-watering gastronomy and internationally … Continue reading International Publisher Spotlight: Lannoo Publishers (Belgium)