#BlackIsBeautiful: Simone Visits the Museum

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Simone Visits The Museum

Simone Visits the Museum by Dr. Kelsi Bracmort and illustrated by Takeia Marie, both from the United States, is a beautiful children’s book about a Saturday in the life of a family of Washington D.C. residents. The book  is focused on Simone’s first trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). The illustrations are colorful and engaging. Simone is a fashionable young girl with braids and colorful sunglasses. 

The story focuses on Simon and her mother’s exploration of the District. There are beautiful pictures of the National Mall as well as the outside of the NMAAHC.  This book is a wonderful introduction to Washington D.C. and the NMAAHC. The affection and closeness between the parents and children throughout the story is shown. 

The size and the importance of the museum is demonstrated by the illustrations and discussions between Simone and her mother during their visit. 

“Simone and her mother didn’t get to see every exhibit, but what they saw reflected the resilience and strength of African Americans.”   

The topic of the enslavement of African descendants in North America is briefly discussed. 

“That was fun, Mommy! I learned so much. When you explained to me that families were separated during slavery, I started to miss Daddy and Scott. I want to know more.  When can we come back?”

If you haven’t visited the NMAAHC in Washington, D.C. it’s well worth the trip. This is a lovely book to read to children in preparation for a visit. I’ve personally visited three times and I can’t wait to return. 


Nichelle M. Hayes MPA, MLS is currently the Vice-President Black Caucus of ALA (BCALA). She is a blogger at https://thetiesthatbind.blog/ where she discusses genealogy and keeping families connected.  She’s a guest columnist for the Indianapolis Recorder.  In her spare time she’s a genealogist and community leader.  She can be reached at blogger@the-ties-that-bind.com.

#BlackIsBeautiful is curated by Shauntee Burns-Simpson.

Shauntee Burns-Simpson (MLIS) currently serves as the 2020-2022 President of BCALA. She is the Associate Director of School Outreach for The New York Public Library. An ambassador for libraries and Youth Librarian, President Burns-Simpson enjoys connecting people to the public library and its resources. She works closely with at-risk teens and fosters a love of reading & learning with her innovative programs. In addition to leading BCALA, she chairs the American Library Association Office of Diversity, Literacy, & Outreach Services (ODLOS) Committee on Diversity.

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