Publisher Spotlight: Pushkin Press

Founded in 1997, this London press has helped to bring many talented writers’ works into the English language. As a publisher with imprints for children’s books and literary debuts, their reach extends across many genres and styles.


Spotlighted Titles:

Land of Smoke by Sara Gallardo, translated by Jessica Sequeira

Land of Smoke

Pushkin Press can claim to be at the forefront of bringing revered classics into English precisely because of moves like this. Sometimes touted as the Argentinian answer to Gabriel García Márquez, Gallardo’s work here evokes much of the whimsy of fantastical styles. However, Gallardo is not simply a conduit for the magical realist style, for she ranges from images that seem plucked from a Pixar movie to a brutally simple sketch of violence painted in simple language. There is an extraordinary wealth of imagination and emotion to investigate in this collection, both within the individual stories and in the invisible lines connecting them.


Dreamers by Volker Weidermann, translated by Ruth Martin


The early 20th century is in many ways a time of revolution. Between the Fascist rises, the Bolshevik revolution, and the many resistances that spread through the colonial territories of European powers, one could forgive missing one or two moments of incredible history. Weidermann charts the path of an oft-forgotten revolution–one where the writers and intellectuals decided to see just how much they could change the state of the world and Germany. What was and could have been is granted a careful illumination by Weidermann’s steady hands, leaving us to wonder at the possibilities of this pivotal moment where history could have been changed forever.

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