Publishers Spotlight: Mkuki na Nyota Publishers – by Yeshira Roseborough

Through our work we aim to encourage and develop a culture of reading in Tanzania, as well as nurturing indigenous literature as a method of preserving and sharing stories.

                                                                                                          -Mkuki na Nyota Publishers

During my research I stumbled upon one of the most navigable publishing sites which showcased both the original and translated books.

Mkuki na Nyota Publishers is an independent Tanzanian book publishing company whose vision is to vibrantly publish relevant, progressive, liberating, affordable and entertaining content. Established in 1991, Mkuki na Nyota Publishers emerged in response to the general absence of high quality, independent publishing in Tanzania. Based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Mkuki na Nyota Publishers publish educational, scholarly/trade, children’s and art books in Tanzania and Eastern Africa for worldwide distribution.

Books to Check Out!

Available on Mkuki na Nyota’s Site


Deogratias M. Simba

Lango la Ajabu (The Mystery Door)

An illustrated translation of the Swahili tale Lango la Ajabu. In the story, the Mtemi, the king of Kabende, a small country town along Lake Tanganyika, realises that he has become too old to lead his people. One of his two sons will succeed him to the throne. But first the successor must pass the tests imposed by the customs and traditions of the Wabende people. The first-born son, Mosi, is a great fisherman, an excellent fighter but full of arrogant self-pride. The younger son, Sankuta, is also a great fighter, though quieter, more generous, and respectful of and respected by the big and the small people alike. Which son will be considered to have the right qualities to become the new Mtemi and lead the people? (Mkuki na Nyota Publishers)

Tales_AbunuwasSuzi Lewis- Barned

Tales of Abunuwasi

Tales of Abunuwas and Other Stories are translations of Hadithi za Abunuwasi na Hadithi Nyingine, from Swahili into English by John Lewis-Barned and retold here by his daughter Suzi Lewis-Barned. The stories were first published in 1935. Whilst the Abunuwasi tales are available in English translations from the Arabic originals, these translations into English from an early Swahili edition add a new and interesting dimension to them. Abunuwas (or Abu Nawas) tales are loved by young and old readers alike throughout the world and on the East African coast which has had centuries old contacts with Arab traders and Islamic scholars (Mkuki na Nyota Publishers).


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