Publisher Spotlight: Mazinaate

Mazinaate, Inc., is a native-owned company that publishes native language books and other teaching materials. The books are intended for learners of all levels.

Gookom’s Language is a textbook of 30 lessons. It introduces the learner to the grammar step by step. It has over 100 dialogues that show idiomatic expressions and several long stories to translate and a glossary is at the back.

A Workbook to Accompany Gookom’s Language has exercises for Lessons 1-7. The answers are at the back, and a CD comes with it.

There is a series of phrase books that contain useful phrases and questions for non-speakers arriving at a community. And there are sections of specialized vocabulary for fluent speakers who work in medicine, law, social work and policing. A glossary is at the back of each book. The first is Pocket Ojibwe, A Phrasebook for Nearly All Occasions, and there are now versions of it in Inuktitut, Ojicree, Dene and Cree. Plains Cree is in the works. Some of these books contain folklore and recipes. The authors are Patricia Ningewance, Ojibwe; Martha Toka Peet, Inuktitut; Jerry Sawanas, Ojicree; Cheryl Herman, Dene and Ken Paupanekis, Cree.

Another book is Pocket Ojibwe for Kids and Parents. It is written by Maeengan Linklater and Trevor Greyeyes for children and adults to learn Ojibwe together.

Word Racing by Patricia Ningewance is a generic book of games and activities that language teachers can use with students in language camps.

Survival Ojibwe is a self-contained grammar textbook with stories and exercises. The answers are at the back along with a glossary.

Gii-Nitaa-Aadisooke, Ojibwe Legends from Lac Seul are 19 Legends told by Christie Ningewance over 50 years ago and written down by her daughter Patricia. They are written in Ojibwe on one page and translated into English on the opposite page.

Glossary for Gaawiin Mawisiiwag Anishinaabeg is the glossary for the reprinted translated book Indians Don’t Cry by George Kenny.

Mazinaate Inc. has produced one Ojibwe language music CD called Biindigen. The transcribed and translated lyrics are in the liner notes. The original songs were written by Percy Ningewance.

Ningewance began writing and publishing these books in 1993 because there was a big gap. Now there are many other such books being published. She teaches 3 levels of Ojibwe at Algoma University and helps to teach Ojibwe language teachers at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay every July. Publishing of novels in different native languages is next on the horizon for Mazinaate, Inc., and short films.

By Patricia Ningewance


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