Our Neighbor: Mexico

Helping young readers understand the culture, history and beauty of Mexico has never been more important!  Children’s books are windows and mirrors and may be the answer to how we break down walls.  My school has many families with Hispanic backgrounds and most of our students take Spanish classes from age four to eighth grade.  Spanish teachers tell me that we need translators who understand the complexities of both English and Spanish.

For children studying Mexico or for families traveling to Mexico, check out the Travel with Kids website and explore these books. Some of them are bi-lingual, of course!


Sixty-eight indigenous languages are spoken in Mexico by almost 7 million people.  Here is a timely article on publishing in Mexico’s indigenous languages.  Publishingperspectives.com



The  Fondo de Cultura Económica is a publishing group based in Mexico with a presence throughout the Latin American world. It is a nonprofit and partially supported by the State.

“It was founded in 1934 by  Daniel Cosío Villegas  with the original purpose of providing books in Spanish to the students of the  National School of Economics . He soon extended his editorial work to other social sciences, the humanities, literature (especially written in Spanish), the dissemination of science and books for children and young people.To keep up with the publishing industry in Mexico, take a look at this site.  There is a link to books in Spanish for children and young adults.”


Cinco Puntos Press

“We are a small, very independent publishing company rooted here in El Paso, Texas, not three miles north of the U.S. Mexican Border. We are both writers. We started Cinco Puntos because we wanted more time to write and we found as we have moved further and further into the publishing life, that publishing, like writing, is an act of self-discovery.”  They offer a diverse range of bi-lingual books and CDs, too.  For children and young adult librarians, this is a MUST visit.

CPP with awnings_October 2008_150dpi.jpg


This last link takes you to an independent publishing group with books in Spanish. This would be a helpful source for writers who wish to publish in Spanish.   You will find plenty to explore here.  Link: Editorial Pax

















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