Publisher Spotlight: University of Hawai’i Press

Looking to add to Asia and South Pacific collections? University of Hawai’i Press is renowned for predominantly publishing nonfiction from or about Hawai’i, Asia, and the South Pacific, and is a consistent resource for a diverse array of memoir, biography, and academic titles in translation. In fact, their publishing team will release seven translated titles in this season.

Discover backlist and forthcoming titles by region, discipline, or general interest with the help of University of Hawai’i’s curated search lists. I’m often impressed by their geographic range, especially when looking for texts from more niche academic focuses, such as Okinawa Studies.

Learn about their mission statement below:

“The University of Hawaii Press supports the mission of the university through the publication of books and journals of exceptional merit. It strives to advance knowledge through the dissemination of scholarship—new information, interpretations, methods of analysis—with a primary focus on Asian, Pacific, Hawaiian, Asian American, and global studies. It also serves the public interest by providing high-quality books and resource materials of educational value on topics related to Hawaii’s people, culture, and natural environment. Through its publications the Press seeks to stimulate public debate and educate both within and outside the classroom.

From their ABOUT page:

“From its modest beginnings in 1947, University of Hawaii Press has grown from a largely regional press to one of the most respected publishers of Asian and Pacific studies titles in the world. We publish about 70 new books and 20 journals annually in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and keep more than 1,300 book titles in print.”

By Chelsey Slattum


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