Day 14: 🇯🇵Moshi Moshi

Moshi Moshi means hello in Japanese, can be used on the phone and in other contexts. Observations: In November 2017, we went on our honeymoon to Japan. Prior to flying there, I ordered a few books by a smattering of Japanese authors. Kitchen was one of them. Kitchen is probably Yoshimoto’s most famous work, however … Continue reading Day 14: 🇯🇵Moshi Moshi

Day 9: 🇲🇦 Sex and Lies

I first read this in French so the quotes below are in French, I have also included the quotes from the translation.  In a Nutshell: Sexe et Mensonges (Sex and Lies) is about what it is to be a woman in Morocco today, this isn’t an academic study, but a series of interviews with mostly … Continue reading Day 9: 🇲🇦 Sex and Lies

Day 5: 🇫🇷 Mend the Living by Maylis de Kerangal, (tr.Jessica Moore)

Observations: There are two English translations of the novel, one for UK audiences (Mend the Living) and one for U.S. audiences (The Heart), which was published in the U.S. in 2017. The Wellcome Book prize rewards exceptional works of literature that illuminate the many ways that health, medicine and illness touch our lives. Mend the … Continue reading Day 5: 🇫🇷 Mend the Living by Maylis de Kerangal, (tr.Jessica Moore)

Day 4: 🇸🇻 Slash and Burn

In a Nutshell: Quite an intense reading experience. The book is written in the third person, yet at times it feels like it is almost in the first person. None of the characters are given names, and only one place, Paris, France, is referred to. It talks of the after-effects of El Salvador’s Civil War, … Continue reading Day 4: 🇸🇻 Slash and Burn

Day 3: 🇵🇹 Now and at the Hour of Our Death

And Other Stories is a small publishing house, publishing indie books translated into English. I decided to become a subscriber in 2019 and I also ordered a women-in-translation bundle. The women-in-translation bundle consisted of three books, one of them is Now and At the Hour of Our Death. This is a wonderful, life-affirming book. In … Continue reading Day 3: 🇵🇹 Now and at the Hour of Our Death

Introducing our #WITMonth guest editor, Jess Andoh-Thayre

Introducing our #WITMonth guest editor, Jess Andoh-Thayre My name is Jess Andoh-Thayre, 35, from London but currently living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  I am a French, Spanish and English teacher, translator, avid reader and now blogger. I am really excited about this year's #WITMonth, although this year I won't be able to read as much as normal … Continue reading Introducing our #WITMonth guest editor, Jess Andoh-Thayre

#TranslatedLit Introduction to And Other Stories by Nicky Smalley

Here at And Other Stories we believe that great literature is great literature, wherever it comes from. Since starting out in 2011, we’ve built a varied list of great literature in translation and originally in English, both fiction and non-fiction (and even a little poetry). We started out at a time, after the financial crash, … Continue reading #TranslatedLit Introduction to And Other Stories by Nicky Smalley

#TranslatedLit An Introduction to Comma Press by Becca Parkinson

If you don’t know of Comma Press, allow me to introduce us: we're an independent, not-for-profit publisher based in Manchester, England, and we specialise in short stories and fiction in translation. Our aim is to publish new, exciting and often marginalised voices from around the world. We publish interdisciplinary collaborations between authors and translators, historians, … Continue reading #TranslatedLit An Introduction to Comma Press by Becca Parkinson

#TranslatedLit My Reading Journey

My reading taste these days is more diverse than ever, but I have been thinking recently about how my taste has evolved and also about the gaps and blind spots that persist. Growing up, I was not a big reader. I read comics and encyclopaedias, but there was no clue to the bookworm I would … Continue reading #TranslatedLit My Reading Journey

Why we need to translate Seray Şahiner

The first time I read Seray Şahiner’s work was almost ten years ago when her initial collection of short stories Gelin Başı (Bridal Hair) came out. I was immediately struck by her powerful and unfeigned writing. Never two-dimensional, her characters popped out of the pages full flesh, blood, tears and laughs. Already then, I had … Continue reading Why we need to translate Seray Şahiner