Picture Books from Singapore

Today's post comes from Barb Reid, Head of Libraries at UWCSEA East here in Singapore. She has picked out a range of her favorite picture books from and about Singapore, suitable for children ages 3 to 7. You can find our previous post, with an overview of publishers, bookstores, and other resources for SingLit, here.  The … Continue reading Picture Books from Singapore

Publisher Spotlight: Clevo Books

    Thanks for joining us on this lovely Friday afternoon! Today we'll be speaking to Cathryn Bergman of Clevo books, originating from Cleveland, Ohio! Clevo Books will honor the hundreds of ethnic communities in Cleveland by bringing exceptional translated works to the fore, as well as good English language works, occasionally!   Alrighty, let's … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Clevo Books

Taking a closer look at SingLit!

Welcome to Singapore! Over the next few posts I, along with Barb Reid and Mairin Raisdana from International School Library Network (ISLN) in Singapore, will share some of our favourite local organizations, resources, authors, and books from and about Singapore, with a focus on children's and young adult literature. Singapore is a multilingual, multicultural city state, … Continue reading Taking a closer look at SingLit!

#WorldKidLitWednesday: Nora the Mind Reader

When a boy calls young Nora “flamingo legs,” a magic bubble wand tells her that he secretly likes her. When a girl says, “I’m telling everyone not to play with you,” the wand reveals that the girl feels blue when she can't have Nora all to herself. Could it be that lots of what people … Continue reading #WorldKidLitWednesday: Nora the Mind Reader


  At first glance, Wilbert is a short, easy read. Everything about the book is simply laid out, from the one-word title to the uncomplicated text on each page. The illustrations appear straightforward too, with their minimal backdrops and small cast of characters. Not much can beat a good game of hide-and-seek and it’s fun accompanying Rat … Continue reading Wilbert

Publisher Spotlight: Levine Querido

Today we’ll be talking to newcomer (at least in this form) Levine Querido, a publishing house that was founded earlier this year. Don't be fooled by the short history though--there's a lot of experience beneath the surface! Answering our questions today is Nick Thomas, a Senior Editor of the Levine Querido team. Now then, let's … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Levine Querido


Lila Prap’s books have been translated into more than 30 languages, I discovered when I started to research Slovenian picture books. I have chosen to review perhaps her most successful title Why? in this post. Why? is a non-fiction picture book where each double spread is devoted to a different animal. Hyenas, whales, camels and … Continue reading Why?

#WorldKidLitWednesday: The Night of Wishes, or The Satanarchaeolidealcohellish Notion Potion

Shadow Sorcery Minister Beelzebub Preposter is in quite a pickle. His Aunt Tyrannia Vampirella is in the same pickle jar with him. It’s New Year’s Eve and Preposter's gotten behind on his evilness payments. Despite his best efforts, he has only managed to perform half his annual obligation of making ten species extinct, polluting five … Continue reading #WorldKidLitWednesday: The Night of Wishes, or The Satanarchaeolidealcohellish Notion Potion

Grandma’s List

In 2013, Portia Dery became the first Ghanaian writer to win the Golden Baobab prize for her picture book manuscript Grandma’s List, which went on to win a Children's Africana Book Award (best books for young children category) in 2018. Initially published in English by African Bureau Stories, this picture book is due to be released by Jacana … Continue reading Grandma’s List