Poet-diplomat Abhay K. celebrates #MadagascarLitMonth at Global Literature in Libraries Initiative

Global Literature in Libraries Initiative is thrilled to welcome an exciting guest editor for December 2021, Abhay K., who is a poet and diplomat in the tradition of Pablo Neruda and Octavia Paz. With only 12 possible spots available throughout the year, Ambassador Abhay K.’s selection as a guest editor for Global Literature in Libraries Initiative’s blog speaks to the enthusiasm he continually creates in readers with his poetic observations of people and place, now including the island of Madagascar. Abhay’s most recent book is called The Magic of Madagascar, published in English and French by Éditions L’Harmattan, Paris, 2021.

La Magie de Madagascar, a bilingual book in French and English

GLLI Executive Director, Karen Van Drie said, ‘Abhay K. has an incredible ability to help humanity see the wonder of our world whether it be the natural splendor of an island like Madagascar, the wit and beauty of poetic language, or the overview effect of our planet Earth, inspired by his ‘Earth Anthem’, which has been performed at the United Nations.

Earth Anthem penned by poet-diplomat Abhay K., sung by Kavita Krishnamurti and Bindu Subramaniam, music composed by Dr. L. Subramanian to celebrate the golden jubilee of Earth Day at the United Nations.

Abhay K. is the author of nine poetry collections including: The Alphabets of Latin America (Bloomsbury India, 2020). He is the editor of many poetry collections including The Book of Bihari Literature (Harper Collins, 2022), The Bloomsbury Anthology of Great Indian Poems, CAPITALS, New Brazilian Poems, and The Bloomsbury Book of Great Indian Love Poems.

Abhay’s poems have appeared in over 100 literary magazines including Poetry Salzburg Review and Asia Literary Review, among others. His poem, ‘Earth Anthem’ has been translated into over 140 languages. He received the SAARC Literary Award 2013 and was invited to record his poetry at the Library of Congress in 2018.

Kalidasa’s Meghaduta, translated by Abhay K.

Abhay’s forthcoming book-length poem is titled Monsoon. His translations of Kalidasa’s Meghaduta (Bloomsbury India, 2021) and Ritusamhara (Bloomsbury India, 2021) from Sanskrit, won the KLF Poetry Book of the Year Award for 2020-2021.

During December 2021, Abhay K. will be sharing titles related to the island of Madagascar written by natives or visitors to the island. To follow along, subscribe to the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative blog below, and/or follow GLLI on Facebook at @GlobalLitinLibs, or on Twitter at @GlobalLitin with the hashtag #MadagascarLitMonth.

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