#INTLYALITMONTH: When You Ask Me Where I’m Going

When You Ask  Me Where I’m Going, is the type of book that gives us windows and mirrors into the life of a young Sikh woman which is not represented as often in Young Adult literature. This is  a thought-provoking debut novel by Canadian author, Jasmin Kaur.

This is the story of Kiran, a young immigrant woman who flees India to Canada to give birth to her first  child, a baby girl named Sahaara. 

This uniquely written book explores Kiran’s story and what it means to live in a world where young women are voiceless, while experiencing trauma and neglect from those who should be supporting them the most. 

The story delves into many facets of life and  themes such as; mental health, sexual assault, feminism, colorism, trauma and the complexeities of mothernood while figuring out one’s identity. 

While Kiran’s story is filled with difficulties and moments of sadness there is also hopefulness, healing  and resiliency to her journey and evolution in finding herself and identity.  When You Ask Me Where I’m Going, will leave you feeling empowered by Kiran’s tenacity and the power of healing and love.

When You Ask Me Where I’m Going

Written by Jasmin Kaur


Jasmin Kaur is a Canadian writer, illustrator and poet. Her writing explores themes of feminism, womanhood and social justice , love, healing and reclaiming identity.

Elisa A. Garcia is a Supervising Librarian of Teen Services at the New York Public Library. She is motivated to foster a love of reading in reluctant teen readers and therefore strives to introduce them to a diverse world and experiences through books. Mentoring new librarians, Elisa has savored the opportunity to broaden her scope in promoting diversity in librarianship by building on her love to help our communities and instilling in others the passion she has for libraries and readers as a whole.

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