World Languages Title Pick: Flaetscher – Die Sache Stinkt! by Antje Szillat (Germany)

This is the first post in a new series of title picks for libraries building world languages collections. We will provide links to the foreign rights pages to publishers around the world. The descriptions for these non-translations will be in English and will include, when possible, sample translations, which will give you a flavor of the book at hand.

First up, a delightfully illustrated middle-grade series from Germany about a curious boy and a skunk with detective aspirations. Text by Antje Szillat, illustrations by Jan Birck. Published by dtv.


Fletcher, the cleverest and coolest striped skunk in town by a long shot, has made his home in the back yard of the Wild Elk Restaurant—where he also enjoys many an alfresco dining experience – until the day Bode, the head chef and owner of the establishment, cottons on. As a result of this bad break, which Fletcher only survives thanks to his stink pistol, he meets Bode’s son Theo. The two of them discover that they share more than just a penchant for bread dumplings—they both harbour dreams of becoming famous detectives! Fletcher founds a backyard detective agency right there and then, appointing Theo as his PA, and they soon find themselves up to their necks in their first case: Bode, of all people, who is constantly hunting down poor Fletcher, is in danger himself! With the help of his beautiful secretary Cloe the pygmy weasel and his junior assistant detectives, cellar mice Flo, Mo, Jo, Po and Bo, Fletcher immediately sets about solving the case.

Follow this link for more about this title and a sample translation.

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