Publisher Spotlight: Two Dollar Radio

The first thing you see when you click on Two Dollar Radio’s “Books” page is the phrase “Books too loud to ignore.” After scanning the starred reviews of their latest releases, it’s obvious that titles by the Ohio-based publisher are impossible to dismiss.

Two Dollar Radio’s team has a penchant for progress: their projects are ever evolving, from the books they release to the films they produce (Did I mention that this one-of-a-kind book publisher started a film production company named Moving Pictures?) Co-founders Eliza Wood-Obenauf and Eric Obenauf are devoted to stories that push boundaries, and they’ve curated an international book list that demonstrates this devotion.

The forthcoming novel Away! Away! is a wonderful example of how Two Dollar Radio stays true to their “too loud to ignore” mission when publishing global literature. Written by Slovak author Jana Beňová and translated by Janet Livingstone, this dry-witted winner of the European Union Prize for Literature has NPR saying, “Fans of inward-looking postmodernists like Clarice Lispector will find much to admire here.” Away! Away! will be released in English on November 13, 2018. ARCS are available by request here.

Read Two Dollar Radio’s mission statement below:

“Our books and films aren’t for everyone. The last thing the world needs is an indie press releasing books that could just as easily carry a corporate colophon. Our work is for the disillusioned and disaffected, the adventurous and independent spirits who thirst for more, who push boundaries and like to witness others test their limits. We know we’re not alone. Let’s make some noise.”

Want to learn more about this groundbreaking press? Explore Two Dollar Radio’s website or sign up for their bookseller/librarian newsletter for exclusive news and updates.


By Chelsey Slattum


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