Publisher Spotlight: Mandel Vilar Press

MVP — The nonprofit publishing arm of Americas for Conservation + the Arts, MVP is one of only a handful of publishers dedicated to connecting the literature of the Americas.  We unite the works of the best writers of Central and South America with the leading ethnic and minority writers of North America .  MVP publishes the best books and translations on the environment, conservation, culture, history, memoir, fiction, science, and politics. Publishing between four to eight titles in fiction and nonfiction each year, MVP focuses on works that are extraordinary and influential – destined to become the classics of tomorrow.

MVP Making extraordinary literature available is crucial to opening our cultural borders.  Its availability plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy and vibrant democracy with cultural literacy at its core.

MVP books reflect the themes embedded in the mission of AFC+A: environmental awareness and justice; migrations; adaptation; integration and inter-generational and cross-cultural dialogue. MVP and its New Shade of Green Series promote a culture of appreciation and respect for the environment through ground breaking fiction and nonfiction that deepen our connection to the natural world, serve as a call to action, broaden our understanding of human footprints on the environment, and offer innovative solutions for building social capacity, innovation, and resilience.

MVP is committed to launching new groundbreaking national libraries of conservation, literature, and culture for each country of the Americas beginning with Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Puerto Rico as well as thematic series on Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and American and World Jewish Literatures. By bringing underrepresented literatures to a larger English speaking readership, MVP serves as a conduit of multicultural exchange and a crucial channel for majoritizing minority literature and peoples.

Mandel Vilar Press brings together the talents of two experienced editors, Robert Mandel and Irene Vilar. For two decades their collaboration resulted in the publication of important books and translations on Latin American, Latino, Jewish, and African American literature, art, politics, and culture. Together they created and launched two major Latin American book series, The Americas— at the University of Wisconsin Press between 2000 and 2006 and again later at Texas Tech University Press from 2008 to 2014. In concert with their focus on minority literatures, Mandel and Vilar also published many notable books in Jewish studies and African American studies. Their longstanding collaboration now continues with the establishment of Mandel Vilar Press, the publishing arm of the nonprofit organization, Americas for Conservation + the Arts.

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