‘A White Line Between Us’ by Çiğdem Kaplangi, illustrated by Seçil Çokan

Flora is the daughter of a family from the town of Ray. Since the radio in their house can get reception only from the neighboring town of Hur, little Flora learns to sing songs in Hurrish before even learns to speak! But this should be kept a secret! A hundred years ago there had been a dispute between the two towns. As a result of that, the residents of Ray and Hur drew a white line between the town and they are now living separate from each other.

Flora grows up to be a sweet little girl, and one day she goes for a walk among olive trees, singing a song in Hurrish. However, she is unaware that this day will be the beginning of a friendship that will change the fate of the two towns…

”A White Line Between Us’‘ is a charming story about the senseless prohibitions of the adults and the imaginative solutions children find to step over these prohibitions. It is a book that makes one say, ‘If only we could stay children forever!’

Bibliographic Information:

Publisher: Yapı Kredi Yayınları

Publication Date: March 2017

52 pages

Suggested for ages: six through nine

ISBN: 978-9750839313

Author Çiğdem (Alkang) Kaplangı, born in Istanbul, went to primary school in Costa Rica and Ghana. After her graduation from Robert College she went to the United States for her university education. While studying psychology at Bard College, she focused on Latin American Literature.  Currently, Çiğdem Kaplangı continues to write for children. She lives in İstanbul with her husband and their twin children, who were born in 2010.

Illustrator Seçil Çokan graduated from Anadolu University’s Animation Department in 2003. Çokan has illustrated story books and elementary school books approved for use in schools by the Turkish Ministry of Education. Between 2010-2013, she worked on visual arrangement and animation at the University of Istanbul. She continues to illustrate children’s books.


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