Publisher Spotlight: Deep Vellum Publishing

Deep Vellum Publishing is a not-for-profit literary arts organization that seeks to enhance the open exchange of ideas among cultures and to connect the world’s greatest writers with English-language readers through publishing international literature in translation, while fostering the art and craft of translation, and promoting a more vibrant literary community in the Dallas community and beyond.

ALSO (if you are lucky enough to find yourself in Dallas):

We are an independent bookseller in Dallas located in the heart of Deep Ellum.

We feature independent publishers worldwide alongside locally-cultivated arts, music, and culture.

We nurture our cultural community from the best & brightest to the up & coming.

Our mission: to amplify the voices of the local to global communities we serve through writing, art, music, film, performance, and culture.

It’s a bold idea: a bookstore in the year 2016. Will Evans, Founder of Deep Vellum Publishing, opened a bookstore with the help of the community around him. Our landlord, Madison Partners, got the vision – an independent voice nestled in a community full of history and culture. Our friends, too many to name, dutifully supported this bold idea by purchasing actual printed books on occasion – at least when they weren’t planning underground performance events and launch parties.

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