Which is Round? Which is Bigger?


By Kristin Jónsson

Mamada, Mineko.  Which is Round?  Which is Bigger?  Illus. Mamada, Minkeo.  Originally published in Japanese as Docchikana?  Kids Can Press.  March 1, 2013.  ISBN 978-1-55453-973-4.

This delightful picture book is a perfect fit for preschool through first grade.  On each page spread the author poses what seems to be a simple question.  However, when the reader turns the page, the answer is usually not what was predicted!  On the first page spread is a picture of an apple and a hedgehog.  The question is, “Which is round?”  Easy peasy, right?  Wrong!  When the page is turned, the apple has been eaten, leaving only the core, and the hedgehog has rolled up into a ball.  The book continues by comparing lengths, heights, sizes, speeds, and colors. Vivid digital graphics capture the child´s interest, while the unexpected answers will produce enormous belly laughs.  This book is ideal for beginning readers because of its simple language and repetitive style.  Young readers will enjoy reading it to their unsuspecting friends and parents, hoping to fool them as they were first fooled!  Reading more deeply, this book provides a springboard for discussing preconceived notions and is also good for learning about comparisons.

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