2019 Timeline:

  • January
    • Committee members are confirmed after ALA Midwinter
  • February
    • GLLI director sets up spreadsheet for submissions and invites publishers to submit eligible titles
  • February-November
    • Members start reading and sharing their notes in slackbot (or similar virtual discussion space), noting their preliminary shortlist preferences in the spreadsheet
  • June
    • 2019 committee awards prize at GLLI session at ALA Annual, Washington
  • Mid-December – early January (date will depend on how much reading is left after November 15 cutoff)
    • Committee meets virtually to choose shortlist and winner and honor books
    • Announce shortlist
  • January 2020
    • Announce winners and honor books in press release on Friday of ALA Midwinter, Philadelphia (January 24)


The committee will have a chair and approximately six members to include translators, librarians, students/teachers/professors, and other individuals with expertise in young adult literature and translations. The term of service will be one year, from just after the ALA Midwinter meeting (usually in January) through the following ALA Midwinter, with the option to stay on for a second year if desired. This is to guarantee continuity. The chair will be chosen from the previous year’s committee.


The chair will double-check eligibility of submissions, make sure there is a private online forum to share reading notes, and facilitate discussion when the group meets virtually to choose the shortlist and winner and honor books.

GLLI Director

The GLLI Director will receive submissions and assist the committee in distributing copies where needed. The director will also maintain contacts with the publishers and will help with the distribution of information via GLLI’s website and social media platforms