International Publisher Spotlight: dtv Verlagsgesellschaft

dtv is one of the largest independent publishers in the German language and our titles are regularly guests on the top of the bestselling lists. dtv was originally founded in 1960 with the sole purpose of publishing paperback licences. Nowdays, 70% of the books stem from dtv’s own authors. 400 titles are published each year, … Continue reading International Publisher Spotlight: dtv Verlagsgesellschaft

Q&A – Hanna Krall, author of Chasing the King of Hearts

PEN Atlas editor Tasja Dorkofikis interviews Hanna Krall, author of Chasing the Kings of Hearts, a book which recreates the Holocaust not as an historical event but as a terrifying shared experience. Her literary reportage about the Holocaust is unparalleled in its power and immediacy and is available in the UK for the first time Interview translated from … Continue reading Q&A – Hanna Krall, author of Chasing the King of Hearts

Excerpt: History of a Disappearance by Filip Springer

The Church   Decades of neglect and environmental degradation led to Miedzianka being declared uninhabitable, and the population was evacuated. At the center of the city, the church took the longest to disappear. The church took longest to disappear. In the only surviving color photograph, you can see it had a yellow façade, tall stained-glass … Continue reading Excerpt: History of a Disappearance by Filip Springer

Adult Title Pick: HISTORY OF A DISAPPEARANCE by Filip Springer

Winner of Asymptote Journal’s 2016 Close Approximations Translation Contest and Shortlisted for the Ryszard Kapuscinski Prize, History of a Disappearance is the fascinating true story of a small mining town in the southwest of Poland that, after seven centuries of history, disappeared. Lying at the crucible of Central Europe, the Silesian village of Kupferberg suffered … Continue reading Adult Title Pick: HISTORY OF A DISAPPEARANCE by Filip Springer

Publisher Spotlight: Archipelago Books

Archipelago Books is a not-for-profit press devoted to publishing excellent translations of classic and contemporary world literature. In our first twelve years, we have brought out over 120 books from more than thirty languages. Artistic exchange between cultures is a crucial aspect of global understanding: literature can act as a catalyst to dissolve stereotypes and to reveal a common … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Archipelago Books

Publisher Spotlight: Dalkey Archive Press

Dalkey Archive Press has been called subversive, educational, experimental, innovative, and more. The initial ethos John O’Brien, John Bryne, and Lowell Dunlap established when the press was founded in 1981 has remained much the same, but with offices in London, Dublin, and Illinois, the press’s reach and influence travels far. From Catalonia to Norway to … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Dalkey Archive Press

Publisher Spotlight: MacLehose Press

The MacLehose Press is an independently minded imprint of Quercus Books, founded by Christopher MacLehose and publishing the very best, often prize-winning, literature from around the world; mainly in translation but with a few outstanding exceptions as English language originals. We published our first books in January 2008, among them a ground breaking thriller by … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: MacLehose Press

Publisher Spotlight: Ohio University Press

"The mission of Ohio University Press is to publish and disseminate the fruits of research and creative endeavor, specifically in the areas of literary studies, regional works, American history, and international studies. Its charge to produce books of value in service to the academic community and for the enrichment of the broader culture is in … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Ohio University Press

International Banned Book Pick: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

In this launch of our new column on international challenged books, we are focusing on a world-renowned book that many readers never think of as a translation: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. Although you may be fully aware that Anne Frank was Dutch, have you ever given any thought to the translator behind … Continue reading International Banned Book Pick: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Publisher Spotlight: Mandel Vilar Press

MISSION MVP — The nonprofit publishing arm of Americas for Conservation + the Arts, MVP is one of only a handful of publishers dedicated to connecting the literature of the Americas.  We unite the works of the best writers of Central and South America with the leading ethnic and minority writers of North America .  MVP … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Mandel Vilar Press